Was Liberman right?

Although not everything Liberman has said or done is correct, he did the right thing today by resigning as Minister of Defense. While the Israeli public may not be privy to security information discussed around the cabinet table the public does see and “feel” the results of what Hamas does to Israel time and time again. Everyone knows how Hamas got to take over the Gaza strip, ignore the domestic needs of the Arab population there, set up an offensive base for attacking Israel and snub its nose at the world to become a responsible entity. There is no reason why Israel should repeatedly allow this terror organization to exist after ceasefire after ceasefire after ceasefire.

The world accepts Israel as a major military power not to be fooled with however when Israel allows Hamas to exist despite its continuous attacks the world will begin to think of Israel as cowards and Hamas will continue to declare victory despite losing.

Once and for all Hamas needs to be eradicated from the face of the globe and then not only will the Gazans be able to live a productive life but other entities like Hezbollah, Iran and their proxies will learn to change their ways or at least fear continuing their current policies.

Hopefully, Liberman’s resignation will bring about a major change in the policies of the Israeli government without too much upheaval.

About the Author
M.Ed from a leading U.S. university. English instructor. Former Gabai in U.S. and Israeli synagogues. Lover of Israel. Member of the politically right in Israel.