Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

Water Wearing Away Stone: A Metaphor for the Persistent Pursuit of Unity

I received a complaint by Amir on social media, who wrote the following:

The more you call for unity and good relations, the worse it gets. And yet, you continue and continue. Don’t you see that nothing is working?

I would like to ask Amir back: What should I do? Does he suppose that I should simply get tired and say that it is enough already?

I cannot get tired because every day I see more and more development of evil—the human ego that wants to enjoy at the expense of others—in our world, and the more the ego grows without applying an intention to love, bestow and positively connect upon it, the more humanity suffers.

You might argue that if the ego just keeps growing, then we should simply let it grow and leave the generation alone, especially considering that the more I call for unity, the worse it gets. But this is no reason to stop everything and walk away.

I make no evaluation as to whether the world gets better or worse. I simply know that I must continue spreading the teaching of nature’s laws and the need for positive human connection, which we come to understand from learning those laws. I see no option of becoming disappointed and leaving this work. I simply must continue.

Amir’s complaint, however, is that people’s ears and hearts are shut to the message of unity, so any effort to spread such a message dissolves like water in sand. Everything, however, has its history, its beginning and end, and I thus hope that there will be an end to this period of accumulating suffering that humanity is currently in.

There is a saying that water can wear away stone, drop by drop. That is how it works. I simply must continue, and to do so against human reason, which complains and argues that such efforts are fruitless.

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