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Apparently we excel in DIY start-ups

With Wix, Conduit and IM Creator paving the way, Israelis are top notch in empowering everyday people to do complicated technical things
Wix co-founders (L. to R.): Giora Kaplan, Nadav Abrahami and Avishai Abrahami (Courtesy)
Wix co-founders (L. to R.): Giora Kaplan, Nadav Abrahami and Avishai Abrahami (Courtesy)

Lately I have been thinking about Israeli DIY (Do it yourself) start-ups, and the fact that our beloved start-up scene doesn’t just build random start-ups, it builds great solutions for people all over to be more independent and have more options.

Israel is great when it comes to developing tech, we all know that already, but what we are really great in the business of helping others, our start-ups are experts in helping people and businesses from around the world to do many things, by eliminating the need of hiring the help of a professional designer, engineer, craftsman or computer science programmer, when all they need is a simple task or small project.

You might be asking yourself, what do I consider DIY start-ups? Well let’s look at the most famous example that I love giving out, Wix. They developed an intuitive platform so everyone can build a stylish good looking website. Before you say “Well Wix was a one hit wonder in that scene, stop giving their example,” I will have to ask you politely to put your skepticism back in the closet for one minute. That’s because you might not be familiarized with an Israeli start-up named IM Creator that was founded in 2011. IM Creator plays in the exact same market that Wix is leading, and they are not showing any signs of going away soon.

Moving from the big names in DIY websites scene, we have a big Israeli name in DIY mobile app creator market, they are non-other than Conduit Mobile. The successful Israeli company with offices in NY wants to take over the DIY mobile app industry, and God willing they will. Now creating a mobile app or mobile site can be easy using Conduit Mobile, it is an easy to use platform for the majority of users.

There are also relativity new start-ups in the DIY scene, waiting patiently for their big brake, these are different kinds of startups with different ideas and different audiences. Take & Make is a more unknown Israeli startup that has got some attention at the junction, which is an open house for entrepreneurs that is uniquely creating a “pay-it-forward” acceleration model. Take & Make is girly example of a DIY startup, which is hoping to be the number one place where you can learn how to make beautiful things. They have already got some decent traffic numbers flowing to some of their pages, yes they are still relatively small in compare to the three names above, but I have a feeling that we should keep an eye on them.

I can continue and run a huge list here of Israeli startups that built do it yourself platforms and applications. From medical check ups to educational apps that help you build learning programs. Some are really creative, such as a startup that helps parents keep their kids safe on the web, by helping the parents build for their child a unique safe video environment. Usually the rule of thumb, it is developed here in Israel but the main client is the U.S or/and European market.

If I had to make a bet, I would bet that our startup scene is going to create long hit list of startups developing DIY solutions, we can really pride ourselves with the fact that we are helping business owners and personal users that are not always tech savvy do things they couldn’t do before on their own. We have many DIY startup companies that we can be proud of, and we should keep our IP’s close to home in order to keep leading this market.

If you know about a cool Israeli DIY startup that is disrupting the world, please drop a line in the comment section bellow.

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