We are all Howard Stern, almost…

Howard Stern did it for me. Amid the end-of-world reports in local Columbia, SC TV channels about a Noah modern version of a calamity caused by torrential rains, and preparations to evacuate the house , came the blistering Stern tirade against a notorious anti semitic, disguised as anti Zionist, one called Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd, and managed to cheer me up almost as the great Arsenal win over Manchester United. Not a mean feat, as soccer is my secular religion, and Arsenal are the only Reds I have loved in my not too short life…

Let us start with Waters being anti-semitic, not just anti Israel. It is the case, not only because this is what the ADL ”sadly” concluded, but simply because a singer who allows the Star of David drawn to the back of the pig in a concert, is a bigot, which was the trigger for the ADL ”sad” conclusion, but because anti Zionism is, in my mind, a form of anti Semitism. Pure and simple. Larry Summers , a dedicated Liberal camer to this conclusion when was President of Harvard years ago, and that may have been one of the reasons for his unceremonial departure from the prestigious university. Well Who needs Summers in order to come to that simple logical conclusion, but it is my bitter experience, that it is better to give examples from die-hard Liberals,as it somehow makes my not so Liberal observations, a little more kosher…

Well, Stern used some unparliamentary words against Waters, and in fairness, I do not care, but maybe others, mostly Liberals, ” who otherwise like Stern when he goes viral against Fox News , for example, keep mum over Stern’s remarks, somehow feeling uncomfortable, that a Liberal Jew dared coming out so strongly against an avowed Leftist like Waters, who can be excused for being anti Israel. This is just a suspicion on my part, not something which I can prove, so I leave it on the ify side of things, as well as the suspicion , that for many Liberals, to be anti Zionist does not at all correspond with anti Semitism. So, coming back to Stern, what a tirade, as sometimes guys like Waters, sworn enemies of our people need to be told exactly in their face, who and what they are. Niceties do not apply in his case. Hopefully, more Jewish celebrities will follow the example of Stern, and call Waters for who the hell he is, an old-fashioned hater of Jews, who symbolizes the entire trust of the BDS movement, which is ant semitic to the core. A boycott of Waters and his likes should be the next step, but this is really beyond the scope of this particular piece. Then, my readers[are there?…] may ask, so why did I say that we are ”only” almost all Howard stern?. Why spoil the celebration by an injection of purist Zionist stuff?

Well, this is me-a die hard Zionist, who finds it hard to use arguments in favor of Israel, which do not fall within the Zionist narrative as I understand it to be. This is not a message to Stern, rather a reminder to us all that , contrary to Stern’s argument, Israelis are not like others , who inherited a land previously owned by others. A point which Stern and other advocates of Israel do make too often, if not for other reasons, then for the sake of creating some comparison between Israel and America, not realizing, that by so doing, they are unwittingly fall into the trap of Palestinian propaganda. The Palestinians tend to depict themselves as the indigenous people of the land, so they are the ”Native Americans” when compared to the US. wELL, THEY ARE NOT-THE JEWS ARE THE NATIVE POPULATION, driven out of it by foreign invaders, among them Arab Muslims, not the other way around. Many native Americans do actually realize that and express exactly that opinion in writing. The legendary Dry Bones cartoonist of the JP grasped it so well one time, showing a table with American and Israeli negotiators, with a native American Chief as the chairman of the meeting, telling the Israelis ,”I can tell you something about land for peace”….

That said, I , for One, am a fan of Howard Stern from now on. We need more like him and quickly.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina