Sharon Koifman

We are going in the right direction.

So many of our fellow left-leaning Zionists are so gloomy these days. I would like to offer something to look forward to because, as a person who is against Bibi’s reform, I see some major silver-lining opportunities.

Let me start by pointing out the challenges we are dealing with.

  1. Our proportional party system gives too much influence to extreme parties that can make or break a coalition, and thus force unreasonable proposals.
  2. Leaders can stay in power for as long as they want, which lets brilliant political tacticians overpower great leaders.
  3. We have no constitution.
  4. The only body that keeps our politicians in check is a nondemocratic court that is strictly controlled by Ashkenazi intellectuals with a token Arab. This comes with my belief that the court actually runs very well in Israel and needs only minor changes. But the fact that they are the only institution that balances our government is just not good enough.
  5. The Haredim who expect unusual rights of paying less taxes and avoiding the army, are increasing in population and getting more power.
  6. The Israeli Arab population is getting angrier and more Anti Nationalist.
  7. Most important, our proportional system has not permitted us to have a stable government for more than 2 decades.

Honestly, the only thing that really worked well with our system is our continuous passion for democracy. But the System simply does not work anymore, and this did not come with Bibi, it did not work for decades and was continuously ignored by parties from the right and the left.

So why is this all good?

Because humanity often takes brave steps when they are pushed to the wall. Unfortunately, many times, they reach the wall too late. To use a metaphor for our environmental challenges, I believe that with lab-made meat, advancements in Nuclear Energy, and advancements in compostable recycling (all topics that Israelis are leaders are), we can fix any concern with global warming within 5 years. Now, the question is, are we going to force everyone to use nuclear energy, eat lab-made meat, and use compost-based plastic within 10 years, or within 50 years? It’s not a question of if, it is a question of when, because eventually, when we can’t breathe the air or some of our towns will sink under the water, we will eventually make the changes.

When it comes to Israel, the growth in Haredim influence and resentment of Israeli Arabs is very time sensitive. That, with the fact that we vote for a new party every 2 years, and no one can actually implement new policies, exhausts the population and pushes them away.  The fact that Bibi has chosen to take such aggressive actions against the will of his people, he has pushed the Israelis to the wall early enough. The Israeli population has gotten the shock that they need before things feel like it’s too late and will demand real changes. They will demand the Haredim to integrate more into society through military and work. They will demand a higher buffer for the political parties. Maybe there will be full restructuring that makes more sense and prevent our population from going to the polls every couple of years. Hopefully, no leader can monopolize the system by implementing a limit of 2-3 terms. Our people are waking up, and doing it more peacefully than any other nation I have seen before. This is not a bad thing, this is true democracy at work.

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