“We are here because you were there”

When we analyze a social outcome, we conclude through a series of “decisions”. Even though we do not have all available information, we know that something happened, and make attributions around it, as why it happened and accommodate to that fact. We can also see it the other way round, as a process. See what was happening and imagine that it was quite obvious that that was going to be a most possible outcome. We decide how to “punctuate the sequence” of events within this process : who started, who followed> “we are here because you were there”. See how obvious this is around the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the insistence on the sequence of events, and the “fill-in-the-blank” within the subjective position and all kind of attributions as to why things happened without having enough information,

Somehow, there seem to be difficulties, as we are immerse in our time, to see outcomes as processes. As citizens we are not aware of the reality of our surroundings. Not that everyone should be an analyst, but the least we can do is to understand that we have responsibilities. Towards us, our children, our society. In the same way that I hear people saying that they are too busy to take care of themselves, they are to busy to stand for what they want, or perhaps what they want is the “video tape recorder” so they vote for a government that will enable that: irresponsibility.

Consider that only 53 per cent of eligible Arab citizens voted in the last election, while Left Israelis go out in the streets and risk their lives to fight for justice and equality. What am I? Your mother?

Then the Left in Israel is talking about the need to put “pressure” here and pressure there. This is great, do not get me wrong. I have been in the streets since I remember. But the movement towards change has to come from the people, all the people, if they so believe. Truth is, a government that just won the majority will hardly yield under the pressure of the Left or of human rights of BDS whatsoever. Remember where Jews come from…? The key is rather to educate. To make people understand the responsibility for their actions as a government is always a “cherry” of a social cake. It brews from the people, emerges from the people… the work to be done starts with the people. Promote social activities, bring culture, that depends on us. We have civil rights. We do not need the government in order to move to change but the people to move towards a different way to see things.

We come from the Bolsheviks and we became so totally bourgeoise… the Homo Hebrews/Sovieticus ended in the barbecues and the big bellies. They do not do their job but then they are good at complaining. Can we blame them? We can neither blame the government for occupying a place we fail to occupy ourselves. Very simple; and not so much, right? Was it Gandhi? Be the change you want to see. Teach by the example. Commit. Then you will have a better country. Understand what is not working from within. Do not blame the outcome… for it is only “feedback”.

About the Author
Alex is a Clinical Psychologist, a peace worker, a writer, a music composer and artist. She has lived in New York, England, Argentina, Italy, Amsterdam and the Middle East.