Meira Ovadia

We are one.

I am disgusted. Horrified. Ashamed.

I cannot fathom why any human being would want to kill another living being, let alone a child.
When our three boys went missing, we stood together.
We stood proud and we prayed together to bring them home.
We cried the same tears. We prayed the same prayers.
When we went home at night, we held our loved ones a little closer.
When we went to work in the morning, we went through the daily motions monotonously, checking the news every few minutes hoping for some good news.
We are one.
We felt the same pain, the same fear, the same heartbreak.
We are one.
Gilad. Naftali. Eyal.
They are our brothers. Our sons. Our friends.
When we see their families aching and suffering this horrendous loss, we ache and suffer too.
We are one.
There is no other nation that values human life the way we do.
There is no other nation that comes together in times of need, the way we do.
There is no other nation that is truly “one”.
This is why I am disgusted. This is why I am horrified. This is why I am ashamed.
Because we are one.
Because when one of us commits a crime as heinous and heartless as “they” did, I feel responsible.
Because when one of us burns a child of “theirs,” I feel ashamed.
Because when one of us stoops down to the level of a terrorist, I feel angry and afraid.
Because we are one.

We know better than this.
We are taught better than this.
We have morals. We have honor. We have a heart.

But you’ve broken my heart.
I am disgusted. Horrified. Ashamed.

When I think of the fear this boy must’ve endured in his final minutes, the “joy” these murderers derived from his terror, to me, he is no different than our boys.

No different than Gilad. No different than Naftali. No different than Eyal.

Because we are one.

About the Author
Meira is originally from Toronto, Canada and made aliya to Israel with her family at age 13. When she's not travelling or dreaming of her next vacation - her other loves include cooking, writing, catching up on her TV shows and of course, most important- her family and friends.
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