Mark Robinson

We are one

We are one, was the slogan of the UJA in the seventies’ it is incumbent upon us to shout again WE ARE ONE.

Hamas is a terror entity; they do not represent any country. They are not obligated to follow the rules of war. The Geneva convention does not apply to them. It is unbelievable the massacre that they committed in Israel during a Jewish Holy day, and the world is silent.

The Intl. Red Cross is ignoring the Jews once again as they did so many years ago, and the world is silent.

Humanitarian aid, I am all for it. Let Hamas tell us how many Jewish captives they have men woman children, elderly as well as young. One of the captives is my mentor from Yad Vashem Alex Danzig a 77-year-old jew whose only crime was being a Jew in his Homeland Eretz Yisrael. Let the captives go and you can have all the humanitarian aid you need.

It is time for Israel to wipe out this terrorist entity, We must remember what our friends have done in the past. Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No one was worried about Humanitarian aid to their enemies, which is the way of war.

I will end with the words of a song of my youth. “Do not be silent, do not be mute. Oh, my friends please cry out. Please CRY OUT.

About the Author
Originally a New Yorker, living on Kibbuz Tirat Tzvi for the past 43 years.