We brush it all off and rise again

I’m in Israel again.
I guess it’s my 13th visit. Or perhaps 14th?

It’s great to be back and I’ve actually loved these incredibly rainy days in Tel Aviv.

It’s been a different kind of trip, for various reasons – not only weather wise. Much more soul searching and spiritual fuelling, and less barhopping and shopping. (Well, I do need my dose of the shuk and the glorious bookstores filled with books on Judaism and Israel!)

It’s time to clean out the old and bring in the new.
A cleansing inside out.

Like I wrote on my Facebook page last night:

“Celebrating a new chapter in my life, and I’m doing it with a third tattoo.
Thank you, Israel, for the energy you give me, and thank you for helping me become a better version of myself.
I love you.”

kim milrell da costa tattoo

Because that is my experience time after time.
I visit your lovely little strip of land and it recharges me.
My poor old soul suddenly feels young and fresh.
I feel stronger. I realise that I can do anything, and everything is actually possible. (OK not everything, but a lot of things.)

So thank you, Israel, for giving me so much.
I imagine you, Israel, as a very old lady – yet very perky and with a lot of humour.
Plus you’re pretty hot too, Lady Israel.

It’s been an interesting year. In many ways a horrible year (despite four trips to the Holy Land).
But I am now moving on and now entering a new chapter in my life.
(AKA midlife crisis.)
I brush it all off and rise again – much like Israel.

2015 is going to be fantastic!
Healthy, happy and harmonious.
And I will officially become a Jew!

So, Lady Israel, hopefully you love me as much as I love you.
And together we’ll walk hand in hand into a bright and peaceful future.

About the Author
Kim Milrell da Costa is a Pro-Israel blogger, writer, and activist from Stockholm, Sweden. However he currently resides in a small town in southern Finland. He writes about 'Everything Israel' on his website, and has worked for the World Zionist Organization's Swedish subdivision: The Zionist Federation of Sweden. He is also a news junkie and he cares too much about what's going on in the world. Constantly worried.