We can do better locally with Labour

In Southgate we are in the middle of many battles as Momentum and various others took over the Labour Party a couple of years ago.

We are not the only community under attack and nor are we the only one responding.

Rather than resign, run away, hide we need to do the opposite.

We need to confront, join, challenge and re-take the initiative.

We need the support of the community as we had in Southgate where Rabbi Daniel Epstein of Cockfosters & North Southgate United and Rabbi Yuval Keren jointly wrote and co-signed a letter to the local party.

If we join in large numbers we can push back the attack on us, the antisemitism and the one sided over the top fixation on Palestine above any other subject.

We can also create inter-community initiatives across faiths and ethnic group particularly with the local Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot communities.

If we join in numbers and those who have left rejoin we can create a different local story supporting friendly councillors and MPs changing the narrative.

If we turn our back then we can fight from the outside, demonstrate but we will be handing the initiative to groups like JVL to walk into the vacuum.

I am asking for a rethink from our community leaders and a local engagement strategy and it would help if they funded and pushed the Jewish Labour Movement to lead this.

About the Author
Andrew Gilbert is a London Jewish Forum Trustee
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