We can do without Sweden

Let us start from the end; time for Israel to tell Sweden, enough is enough. Take your ambassador out of Israel back Sweden, just leave us alone. Now it is the Swedish P.M who mambo-jumbo something about what terrorism definition is when it comes to stabbing Jews , and before it was his F.M with her outrageous remarks about Israel’s connection and alleged responsibility to the terror attacks in Paris. Yes, we have no diplomatic relations with many countries, mostly because they hate us, and one more, one less, is really not that important. We can do without it, and some money can be spared for better use. I usually hesitate to use the antisemitic card whenever there is an outrage against Israel, so when I wrote recently to a Swedish magazine against the moronic statements of the Swedish F.M , I ascribed them to the combination of stupidity and ignorance , but deep down I felt, That it was somewhat of a whitewash. It is antisemitism, and according to a recent poll there, 40% percent of the Swedes define themselves as antisemitic. Only 40? well, only 40 were honest enough to admit it in a poll. We have a long and a painful score to settle with these people.

katrina Urbach, a renowned historian, published recently a classic, Go Between For Hitler, in which she related also to the Swedish royal family; ” The relationship between the Swedish royal family and Nazi Germany was good. THIS IS STILL A TABOO SUBJECT IN SWEDEN AND HAS SO FAR NOT BEEN RESEARCHED PROPERLY.INTELLIGENCE MATERIAL SHOWS, HOWEVER, THAT THE CROWN PRINCE OF SWEDEN WAS CERTAINLY PRO-GERMAN…EVEN MORE IMPORTANT…WAS KING GUSTAV V’s SUPPORT FOR THE GERMANS”.[EMPHASIS IS MINE, J.O].Clearly with that in mind, why the subject is a taboo in Sweden, where the nice, Liberal and Socialist Swedes are in the habit of preaching morality to us Jews, but refuse to look at themselves at the mirror and realize their terrible record. So, we can do it for them. If there is one country which made it possible for Germany to conduct the war in the first place, this is ”Our” Sweden, the country which under the guise of neutrality was Germany’s supplier of iron ore , without which there could not have been a Nazi war machine. Sure, had they not done it, they may have been overrun by the Nazi army and being occupied. Then, there could be an underground fighting against the Germans, concentrating on disrupting the supply of the vital iron ore , but not ”our ” Swedes. They made a lot of money out of their natural resource. Their smaller neighbor, Norway acted differently, and the Norwegian underground may have helped saving the world by destroying the heavy water plant in Telemark. Heavy water was a necessary ingredient for the production of the atomic bomb. Imagine the world if the Norwegians acted like the Swedes.

Then, there was a high rate of Swedish volunteerism to the S.S VIKING DIVISION. Nordic brotherhood they called it. Complicity in war crimes was a much better definition, but ”our ” Swedes glossed it over. Sweden has a shameful record of behavior, and if they are covering it up, we should not. There may be readers arguing, that the situation during the Holocaust , as terrible as it was, cannot be the ultimate yardstick by which we judge other people. A point to discuss and debate, but I , for one, think that
of all people , the Swedes should be ”somewhat” more careful when orchestrating a campaign against Israel, something which they do ferociously with so much expression of self-righteousness. Sweden and morality?, you must be kidding.

In 2009, Paula Stern published her short SWEDEN’S SHAMEFUL BLOOD LIBEL[AUGUST 2009], relating to a story in the most read Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladt, which publicized a” report ” about Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinians for their organs. Stern wrote, that”if today Aftonbladt still has 1.5 million people buying their newspaper, all of Sweden should be ashamed. ” How right! and then came the Malmo situation, where local Muslims, orchestrated a campaign of terror against the small Jewish community, while the mayor , a Socialist, blamed the Jews, because of their support of Israel. Now we do not talk any more about a newspaper , as big as it is, not a mayor of a big city, but about the P.M and F.M of a ”civilized” country, pretending to be a country dedicated to world peace. What can we really expect from those who were neutral between the Nazis and the civilized world? Surely, they cannot be neutral between us and Palestinian terrorism. They are on the side of the latter. The Tzadic Raoul Wallenberg must turn in his grave.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina