Deborah Simon Troner

We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.

Anaïs Nin said that. It’s one of my favorite quotes. We humans react subjectively to things we see, hear, feel, touch, and imagine. Our writings, the arts, architecture, and conversations of all types are commentary, inspired by the things that touch us in some way. Here, in my TOI blog space, I will share my commentary in the language of poetry. Here is today’s:


Genesis 3:8 ~
“And the Lord God called to Adam, and said to him, Where are you?”
And where are you, Netanyahu?
Who is your serpent; your satan?
Once, you loved your country; now you love only power and your own ego
Once, you fought for Israel’s independence and freedom; now you fight to stay in office and out of jail
When was the last time you read Israel’s Declaration of  Independence, Bibi?
That’s what once mattered to you – that’s what you believed in and fought for not so very long ago
And now?
Where are you now, Bibi?
You idolize the golden calf of hubris, greed and corruption
Passover nears; you have become much like Pharaoh
Hardening your heart against what is right and best for your people
Offering up your country as a sacrifice to your personal desires and wants
Unlike Pharaoh’s courtiers, who warned him that God was far stronger than he
Your courtiers have seduced you
You are a korban to them; they have eaten your heart and soul
Your covenant with them putting Israel in danger
Of being expelled from the Garden of our Land
Of being isolated and shunned by the nations of the world that care about justice and righteousness
A pariah among those who don’t make new laws to protect themselves instead of their country
Who don’t break or destroy existing laws, pandering to their courtiers instead of the values upon which their country was formed
Who still uphold the ideal of “Love your neighbor as yourself”
Egypt was destroyed 3500 years ago because of self-idolatry and hubris
Israel was destroyed 2000 years ago because of zealotry and senseless hatred
Tragically, you have absorbed all those destructive traits
And added greed and corruption to the miasma of your unholy essence
Where are you, Netanyahu?
To what Valley of Hinnom are you dragging our beloved Israel?
Where are you, and where are you leading us?

About the Author
I grew up in New York City; graduated from the Bronx High School of Science and Cornell University with a major in journalism; have lived in Miami since 1971 with my husband, children, and grandchildren. One daughter and her family live in England. My husband and I have studied continuously with the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning since 1997. I began writing poetry during Covid lockdown.