We Empower Ourselves By Empowering Others

Words fail to capture the moment.
We are living in surreal times. Few precedents, limited visibility.
Perhaps a transition to a new world.
We were like dreamers.

Our people have never given up hope.
Each day will be better than the day before.
Until, one day, there will be neither war nor hunger.
No more hate, no more envy.

But how will this happen? Who will usher in this age?

A vision is needed, one that captures both the imagination and the spirit.

Like Einstein’s grand quest for a Unified field theory,
We are all pieces in a grand puzzle.
No piece is more or less worthy;
No one will be left behind.

All men are created equal.
Every one plays a vital role.

We only know our true value by discovering our purpose.
Once we do, we are both liberated and empowered.

We do so by adding value in the lives of others.
A pure act of kindness,
To friend and foe alike.
Not for profit. Not to feel good.

We empower ourselves by empowering others.
It is a win-win situation.

If you will it, it is no dream.

Dedicated to the Rebbe, who’s 26th Yahrzeit we commemorate today.
When I was a young boy at a Chassidic gathering with the Rebbe in 1982.
About the Author
Founder and CEO of Center for Jewish Life, London UK.