We lost three sons while our government fiddled

How can it be? Three wonderful souls, dragged out of our reality and brutally killed. The pain, the anguish – how can their Mothers even begin to bear it? It is unfathomable. All the anger, all the sadness, how do we deal with this?

To even talk about something else seems sacrilegious, but it is there – burning a hole inside of us. We put up with this idiotic policy from one government to the next. It is the reason we continue to lose our loved ones from incident to incident. Let’s be clear here: There is no opportunity for any kind of 2 state peace here. Zero chance. So why do we continue to play this game with the rest of the world? Why do we allow the leftists in our midst to have a voice that is magnitudes louder than their numbers in our society represent? Why do we put up with successive right wing governments that enact left wing policies? It is literally killing us.

A government is supposed to reflect the will of the people. When was the last time that happened? We continue to get the Oslo policies of Shimon Peres crammed down our collective throats. Not down their throats, but our throats. The first thing that Bibi does is give Livni the Ministry of Justice and the chief negotiator position? Why? Why would he do this and why would we put up with it? We are not going to be cowed into listening to the nations any longer. We are not going to give any credence to the leftist ideology any longer. It’s over, finally.

We have a way forward here. Annex all of Yehuda v’Shomron. ALL OF IT. The local Arabs that live there have 3 choices: Live with us in peace, move somewhere else or die defending your cause. There will be a period of violence, but what do you think our 3 sons just endured? What? Should we continue to allow our Sons and Daughters to pay the price to salve our need to be one with the rest of the world? Just look at the results in the last year. Sleeping on the bus, going to a job interview, going home with a work colleague – any of these activities can end up with death; ours, never theirs. Let that sink in.

It is time to finish this charade. We allow the government to tell us that we cannot pray on Har Habayit. We cannot even ascend it, because some of the local Arabs woke up in a bad mood today. Who’s in charge here, because they need to get fired – and now. If you don’t have the stones for the job, leave it or be shown the door.

Don’t misinterpret my message, the IDF performed wonderfully. The government let us down, again.

We will be attending the funeral of the boys in my hometown of Modiin today. We are grateful that the boys were able to realize the the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael and for the boys families, who have shown so much strength throughout this ordeal. We are indebted to you forever for the sacrifice that was taken from you.

Things are not going to go back to “normal”. We refuse to be put back into the box that has been containing us for so long now. If this form of government doesn’t have the ability to achieve, then it is time to replace this form of government.

Please God, give us the ability to discern your will and the strength to carry it out.

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