We Must Not Give The Palestinian Leadership What They Want, A Third Intifada

I take back what I said to people yesterday about giving the Palestinians 12 months to get rid of Abbas and Hamas after which time, if there’s one more terrorist incident, we should get our people out of Judea and Samaria and carpet bomb the areas just like the Brits and the US did in/to Dresden in ’45. I said we should do the same to/in Gaza. I was shooting my mouth off in response to my anger and devastation at the deaths and injuries of our children and our men and women at the hands of terrorists.

We are up against evil but flattening the areas and thereby killing their children is wrong and, besides, those who don’t die will then be their next generation’s killers of our next generation. All we can do is have our Government defend us and our country, our Home, and respond proportionately and in accordance with the values of morality and humanity (which, sadly, will never prevent innocent casualties but, as tragic as they are, these innocent casualties would not exist if our enemies stopped attacking us). We have to keep trying to appeal to the good amongst the Palestinians…only by doing that can there be any realistic hope of a genuine peace partner appearing from within their communities.

As for Har Ha’bait, I now believe that even though there are, I’m sure, plenty of Jews who want to pray there for the sake of praying, not for the sake of provoking, we should not go there…it’s selfish to go there because the backlash can lead to the deaths, and has led to the deaths, of people who had nothing to do with the original source of the intended, or unintended, provocation. Yes, Har Ha’bait is in Israel and, yes, there are plenty of Jews who feel that it is still holy ground and that they, as Jews, have the same right to pray there as do the Muslims and the Christians but it is putting our lives at risk – there is no justification for the terrorist attacks which we have tragically witnessed over the last few days and weeks but the fact is that they are happening and all we need to do is to stay away from Har Ha’bait to prevent another child being killed, another family being destroyed which might happen if we do dig our heels in and go to Har Ha’bait so, unless we want to be utterly selfish, we must stay away. We can’t put our religious principles before the lives of our children and other Jews. In fact, staying away from Har Ha’bait IS a huge religious principle, far bigger than praying on Har Ha’Bait because staying away will, hopefully, calm things down and save lives…by going to Har Ha’bait now, we are putting Jewish lives at risk!! Abbas, Haniyeh and Mashaal – and many, many others – want a third intifada…we must do everything we can to stop that happening! Abbas and co want Jews to go to Har Ha’bait because they want the flames to be fanned – we must not give them that pleasure!!