We Need Total Surrender Of Hamas and Its Enablers

Before the ink dried on reports of Hamas’s brutality, the usual suspects – The United Nations, the Woke Left, and a bevy of celebrities – were already clamoring for a ceasefire. This is a grave mistake.

A ceasefire? A mere pause for Hamas to regroup? Unacceptable. We need total surrender, akin to the unyielding defeat imposed on the Nazis by Dwight Eisenhower in March 1945 in Proclamation Number 1. No half measures. No room for negotiation.

“To the People of Germany: Allied forces under my command have now entered Germany. We come as conquerors. but not as oppressors. In the area of Germany occupied by the force under my command, we shall obliterate Naziism and German Militarism. We shall overthrow the Nazi rule. Disband the Nazi Party and abolish the cruel, oppressive, and discriminatory laws which the Party has created. We shall eradicate the Germany Militarism which has so often disrupted the peace of the world. Military and Party leaders, the Gestapo and others suspected of crimes and atrocities will be tried and, if guilty, punished as they deserve.”

Eisenhower With D-Day Forces

All persons in the occupied territory will obey immediately and without question all enactments and orders of the Military Government. Resistance to the Allied Forces will be ruthlessly stamped out. “

Hamas must face a similar ultimatum. Either surrender now or face inevitable, crushing defeat. This means laying down arms, releasing hostages, vacating government positions, and submitting to military authority. Anyone involved in the murder of innocents must stand trial for crimes against humanity.

Likewise, the pro-Zionist Jews in America must demand the unconditional surrender of our enemies on the ideological battlefield, the colleges, organizations and — many of whom are Jewish — influencers who form Hamas Fifth Column in America. Anti-Zionists inciting violence, threatening annihilation, and engaging in intimidation as well as those defending or ‘contextualizing’ the Iranian fueled evil of Hamas or who call for the withering away of a Jewish state will not halt their hostilities voluntarily. They must be forced into submission.

Immediate actions are non-negotiable:

1. Defend and Protect Jewish Students: Form task forces combining local, state, and federal forces to strip incompetent college administrators of their duties. Ensure campus security and swiftly investigate and dismantle networks of Jew-hatred.

2. Deploy the National Guard: If necessary, deploy the National Guard to protect Jews from mass protests and violence. If they fall short, Jewish organizations must employ private security forces. The safety of Jewish individuals is non-negotiable.

3. Hold Anti-Zionists Accountable: Teachers, administrators, and student organizations complicit in anti-Zionism must face immediate censure and administrative leave. Universities failing to act must be sued and placed under investigation by the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. No federal loans for institutions that harbor Jew-hatred.

4. Redirect Financial Support: Donors must withdraw support from colleges that fail to combat antisemitism. Redirect these funds to rebuild Israel and finance litigation against our enemies in academia. Fund programs that foster education and community service in Israel.

5. Eradicate Pro-Hamas Elements in Local Government: Target and defeat local government and school board members who support pro-Hamas agendas. Elect leaders who will not tolerate Jew-hatred.

Our struggle is monumental. Our enemies are entrenched and determined. But our resolve must be stronger, our actions more decisive. To paraphrase General Eisenhower’s message to the Allied Forces on D-Day’s dawn: Our task will not be easy. The enemy will fight savagely, and so must we. Only their surrender will ensure our security.

About the Author
Robert Goldberg has written extensively about Zionism and Israel for several years. His articles have been featured in prominent publications such as Tablet, The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, National Review, Algemeiner, and the American Spectator. Additionally, he is writing a book on lessons from the Haggadah about responding to anti-Zionist Jews. As Vice President of The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, he writes about healthcare issues.