We Were Warned

Defense Minister Beni Gantz met Tuesday evening in his home in Rosh Ayin with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The two discussed the various security and civilian issues at stake.

The defense minister informed the Palestinian Authority Chairman that he intends to continue to promote confidence-building measures in the economic and civilian spheres, as agreed at their previous meeting.

The Minister of Defense emphasized the common interest in strengthening security coordination and maintaining security stability, and preventing terrorism and violence.

The above item appeared in the news the other day.

For those raised in the post Oslo era it must all seems rather normal;

An Arab leader, holocaust denier and financier of terror against Israelis is a welcome guest in the private home of the Israel defense minister.

For those who never knew a different reality, it is normal for Israel to lavish gifts and compliments on Arabs that spread poisonous antisemitic lies about Israel and tries its best to isolate weaken and destroy her.

A generation of Israelis doesn’t remember pre–Palestinian Authority (that Israel created). They don’t remember when Israel resuscitated arch-terrorist Yasar Arafat in the hope that he would become a good neighbor and protect us from the really bad Arabs. He was going to protect us. We weren’t going to be alone.

He doesn’t remember when the Jewish state did not hope for terrorist cooperation to protect us from terrorists.

Yes, the farce blew up in our faces, quite literally but no Israeli leader since has had the courage to say, “enough, out!!”

In place of courage, loyalty and faith there is the crutch and the addiction to illusion.

A generation of Israelis were born into this bloody illusion. They are not offered an alternative to continuing appeasement, protection payments, humiliating flattery and more blood.

Young secular Israelis (religious ones have other sources of inspiration and knowledge) cannot be blamed for being cynical, confused, and even self-loathing. Confusion and cynicism is the culture they were born into and educated in.

They are taught that there is no enemy. There are rockets, tunnels, guns, knives, cars and tractors that do nasty things and must be deflected or better, hidden from. The people who operate them, guide them, and lead them are not exactly enemies. They are adversaries or troublesome neighbors who we must learn to live with. They have to be invited into your home.

We are not in a war for our survival. It is only the other side who knows they are; with a hated enemy that must be defeated. I happen to know because I understand Arabic radio. It is pumped into the ears of men, women and children round the clock. Israelis are exposed to media that educates us to understand and compromise. There is no war, they are told. It is a “situation” that has to be managed.

After all, we all love our children.


Golda Meir had the courage to say it plainly, “there will be peace when the Arab mother loves her children more than she hates ours”

Maybe, I’m not sure. She may have been too optimistic.

But how does one explain the actions of Benny Gantz?

Let us not forget that as chief of staff he lectured that “it is a noble thing for a Jewish soldier to give his life rather than harm an enemy civilian.”

Long ago the prophet Isaiah warned us, “woe unto he who calls good evil and evil good.”

Woe indeed.

My book, “Jews, Israelis and Arabs, delves into just this crucial issue in Israel today.

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Personally, I cannot put it down.

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I made Aliyah after receiving an MA in International Relations. I have been writing articles about Israel since my arrival. I am a licensed tour guide since 1980. I served in the IDF. I am the author of ,"Jews, Israelis and Arabs" available on Amazon.