Welcome home woman of Israel

I am driving home from the airport. Naomi * and her four children have arrived home. How can I possibly describe this miracle. Naomi has finally come home – home to Israel where she can begin her life anew. Where she can begin a life free of violence, torture and abuse. Naomi and her children are home, here in Israel – where they belong.

Naomi has been the victim of terror and abuse by her husband for close to ten years. She is an Israeli who moved abroad with her husband who immediately began to systematically torture her and the children. He left her penniless, with outstanding debts, and unable to work.

Three years ago, Naomi called our hotline at Tahel. She wanted to come home, but she was unable to divorce her husband, nor leave her country of residence. Through hours and hours and months and months of endless battles, Naomi received her divorce a year ago. But the torture continued and she could not leave to come back to Israel. Tahel continued to support Naomi and today she arrived in Ben Gurion, a free woman about to begin her life with her children here in Israel.

We were there to hug her and cry with her at the airport. Her first sentence was – “You came!” and then she burst into tears. Her little daughter turned to me and asked me – “Am I in Israel yet?” I bent down with this little girl to touch this precious earth that belongs to all Jews who want to come home. And she smiled and smiled and smiled.

Welcome home Naomi!!

Welcome home, Woman of Israel!!

We have been waiting for you!!!



About the Author
Debbie Gross is the founder and director of Tahel - Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children.