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The photo is courtesy of Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

So, as we have discussed before, each corner of Uzbekistan attracts with its features. In Tashkent, its capital, you can take a walk in one of the most beautiful metros in the world or see the most ancient manuscript – the Koran of Usman. In the historical cities included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List – Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, and Khiva – you can visit the most ancient architectural monuments that have preserved echoes of past eras. In the southernmost part of the country – Surkhandarya, you can travel through mountain gorges or see the ruins of the ancient cities near Termez.

Depending on the time of year, you can go skiing in the foothills of the Tien Shan or climb the highest point of Big Chimgan.

For nature lovers, Uzbekistan is a great place to spend your holidays, because the beauty of the area is fascinating at first sight: an incredible combination of mountain and plain landscapes in all shades of green, fast-flowing, and clear rivers, the largest of which are the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya, the exotic fauna and the rich flora.

Uzbekistan presents a huge number of recreation areas, camps, tourist bases located in the picturesque foothills with healing air, near large lakes and rivers.

You will be surprised by the variety of accommodation types in Uzbekistan – hotels, national guesthouses, boutique hotels, hostels, yurt camps. Here you will find the most convenient accommodation option for you at an affordable price.

Uzbek cuisine, probably, is one of the main reasons to visit this amazing country. For many thousands of years, it was absorbing the most diverse recipes of the dishes of the people living on this territory. In Uzbekistan, you can fully enjoy traditionally prepared dishes that are known all over the world. For instance, the flavourful pilaf, included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, hot flatbread and tandoor Samsa, oriental pasta – Lagman, shashlik – barbeque, manti, different soups – mampar, shurpa and many others. Having tasted them once, you will definitely want to taste them again.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel. UZBEKISTAN AIRPORTS
(+998 55) 501-47-47 (ext. 45-67)

To make it easier for those who would like to fly to see the country I have gathered information about the national airports.

So, the network of regional airports in Uzbekistan includes:

 – Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport LLC;

Namangan International Airport LLC;

Andizhan International Airport LLC;

Fergana International Airport LLC;

Termez International Airport LLC;

– Karshi International Airport LLC;

Samarkand International Airport LLC;

Bukhara International Airport LLC;

Navoi International Airport LLC;

Urgench International Airport LLC;

Nukus International Airport LLC.

Every year about 25 thousand flights of national and foreign airlines serve at airports of Uzbekistan. The route network of JSC covers the whole territory of Uzbekistan, as well as the countries near abroad, Asia, Europe, and America.

Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport – is the main hub airport of Uzbekistan Airports JSC, located five kilometers southeast of the city center of the capital.  It is one of the largest airports in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

The capital’s airport of Uzbekistan enjoys a convenient geographical position, as it is located at the intersection of air routes from the CIS countries to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America. It is no coincidence that the leading airlines of the world choose Tashkent as the place to land their planes in transit from Europe to Asia and back.

The airport includes two runways – southern and northern, corresponding to ICAO category II and allowing the acceptance of all types of modern aircraft.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Tashkent-2 terminal – 700 pass/hour.

Tashkent-2 terminal (arrival of international flights) – 500 pass/hour.

Tashkent-3 terminal (local traffic) – 400 pass/hour.

Namangan International Airport – is the air gate of the Namangan region located in the north of the Fergana Valley near to Chatkal and Kuramin mountain systems.

The airport can handle traffic of up to 200 passengers per hour.

In 2015, a runway put into operation, which allows receiving aircraft without restrictions.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Fergana International Airport is located 604 meters above sea level and only 5 km from the city center of Fergana in the Fergana region, which is quite convenient for passengers in terms of transport logistics.

After reconstruction, the airport was certified according to ICAO category I and accepts all types of modern aircraft, as well as helicopters of all types.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Samarkand International Airport – is the second by the load of the airport of Uzbekistan, after the Tashkent international airport. The airport serves over 450,000 passengers per year on average. The airport is located on the northern outskirts of Samarkand, 680 meters above sea level.

The airport certified according to ICAO category I and accepts all types of modern aircraft.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Termez International Airport – is the southernmost airport in the country and is 313 m above sea level.

The airport is certified according to ICAO category I and can host Boeing – 757 and Sukhoi Superjet 100. Helicopters of all types can also land at the airfield.

In 2019 was completed the construction of a new modern terminal, capable of serving 400 passengers per hour.

In connection with the introduction of the “OPEN SKY” regime at Termez Airport, foreign airlines designated under intergovernmental air traffic agreements are granted the right to fly to the airport without limiting flight frequencies.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Navoi International Airport is located in the center of Uzbekistan and at a distance of fewer than 6 hours from the largest aviation hubs of the world in Frankfurt, Milan, Dubai, Delhi, Shanghai, and Incheon. Given this geographical advantage, it is now becoming the most competitive regional logistics center, which connects Europe and Asia.

The airport accepts all types of modern aircraft.

The passenger terminal consists of two Terminals, Terminal “A” for local flights, and Terminal “B” for international flights, which together can serve 400 passengers per hour.

In 2010, the construction of the largest cargo terminal in Central Asia, which, using the latest equipment and can handle 100 thousand tons of cargo annually, and was completed by Navoi International Airport.

Parking lots were also built to accommodate five B747-400 Armed Forces and four additional fuel tanks were completed, which hold 1,400 gallons of aviation fuel overall and provide fuel to twenty-five Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Karshi International Airport is located in the southwestern part of the city on the western slope of the Pamir-Alay Mountains. The airport is 416 meters high above sea level.

The terminal capacity is 200 passengers per hour.

The airfield and can receive any type of aircraft up to flagship airliners.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Bukhara International Airport is located in the northeastern outskirts of Bukhara.

In 2011, Bukhara airport commissioned a new terminal complex with a capacity of up to 400 passengers per hour. Every year more than 250,000 passengers use the services of the airport, including more than 20,000 foreign tourists.

Bukhara Airport currently hosts all types of modern aircraft.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Urgench International Airport is located in Khorezm Region in the west of Uzbekistan.

The terminal has a capacity of 600 passengers per hour.

The airfield runway has the ability to receive aircraft weighing up to 310 tons. 

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Nukus International Airport – located in the northern part of the capital of the autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The airfield belongs to class “B” and is capable of receiving: Airbus A319/A320/A330, Boeing 737/757/767/787.

In 2018, an updated passenger terminal with a serving capacity of 400 passengers per hour began operation.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

You will always remember the noisy and colorful eastern bazaars, interesting legends, warm hospitality, and ancient tradition of local residents.

This land full of eastern romance cannot leave anyone indifferent. It is a land of cotton and fruit gardens, inexcusable bazaars, and skillful craftsmen, and nowadays applying production methods inherited from their ancestors.

Deserts are the center of the oldest formation of species, caravan routes crossing the bland spaces of hot sands and velvet, endless steppes, silent and attracted by their mystery and immaturity from afar were part of the Great Silk Road connecting ancient China with Europe.

The mountains of Uzbekistan are the most picturesque landscapes of Central Asia. These amazing places should be seen by anyone who wants to feel the harmony of fusion with nature, get away from reality, and think about life. Forests replaced by mountain meadows move into eternal snow-covered mountain peaks and glaciers. Glittering under the blue sky the uninvited peaks of West Tian Shan, mountain pastures, ridges, and fast rivers have attracted the attention of tourists for many years.

In addition, most importantly, the traditions of Uzbek hospitality, deeply rooted in the people, local customs, and excellent national cuisine make Uzbekistan the most attractive place where guests from all over the world gather.

The photo is courtesy of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel
About the Author
Nadezhda Dukhovny was born and raised in Uzbekistan and made aliya in 2005. She holds an MA in Linguistics from Tel Aviv University and works in translation. She has a true interest about her motherland and would like to tell more about that fascinating country to make Israeli readers familiar with another culture from other part of the globe.