What a Bumpy Ride!

Don’t look at me. I didn’t vote for him. If not today, this soon may become the most coveted phrase in America. When Barack Obama initially burst onto the national political scene in 2007, I was reminded of Bette Davis’ great quote “fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be quite a ride”. Emerging was America’s political rock star. As the Senator from Illinois screeched “hope and change” and “yes we can” to standing room only crowds, hysterical groupies cried, some even fainted. Elvis would have been impressed. And it wasn’t just females gasping for breath with each nonsensical platitude. Harry Reid cleaned his eye glasses, refocused and boasted to the world this gifted orator from Chicago err Hawaii, Kenya or wherever, is a “light-skinned African-American with no negro dialect”. Reid’s astounding revelation was equaled only by the gaff-pronged Joe Biden. With hair plugs standing on end and an illuminating bright smile that would put Steinway’s keys to shame, he excitingly deduced Obama “is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”. Nancy Pelosi referred to the politically obsessed Barack Obama as “practically apolitical, certainly non-partisan”. Why should we expect a dose of reality from the queen of ding-a-lings who once announced we had to “pass the bill to know what’s in it”. Like a canine infected with rabies, MSNBC’s Chris Mathews practically foamed at his mouth defending Obama while famously adlibbing “he sends a tingle up my leg”. Makes me wonder what happens when Mathews walks past a fire hydrant?

Most media then and today still ignore Mr. Obama’s own avocation of redistribution, undertones of anti-capitalism and socialist ideology; all an anathema to the pioneering spirit of America. In the early days during the rise of Obama phenomenon, pundits had little to say about his near empty resume’ on foreign affairs and notable marketplace commerce experience. Whatever a “community organizer” does is not sufficient to qualify him for the world’s most important position. With inescapable blame, the media created Barack Obama just like they created Fred Flintstone and Archie Bunker and America fell for it. Rather than expose a candidate based on his own words and deeds, the media could not wrest themselves from their ultimate fantasy; an attractive black liberal President. I emphasize the word “liberal” too. Regardless of his or her qualifications, a conservative black candidate would have never been so revered.

Is it any wonder where we find ourselves today? Approaching his sixth year as President, Barack Obama’s policies or lack thereof has vastly increased our insecurities. The world is more dangerous than ever. Spin one of those old fashioned globes in a library and where it stops, there’s trouble. In the Middle East, the Arab Spring is frozen solid as America finally wakes up to Islamic terrorism; a phrase Mr. Obama won’t use probably due to his Muslim sympathies. ISIS openly threatens us as they conquer more and more territory in Syria and Iraq. Despite this danger, the President openly announced he has no “strategy” for dealing with ISIS then took off for another 18 holes.

Iran feverishly pursues their nuclear ambitions. They negotiate, delay and then spin us like a dreidel as our side appeases. The death and destruction by Islamic terrorists is so expansive throughout the Arab world it makes one wonder if there is enough desert to bury all the victims. On the other hand, our only true Middle East ally Israel is criticized by the Obama Administration for building a balcony onto a home in their capital city; Jerusalem. When Israel defends herself against thousands of rockets, you can bet this Administration will claim it was “disproportional”. What does the Obama Administration stand for?

It is not just the Middle East in turmoil; spin the globe a few more times and we see the Russian bear awakening from deep slumber. Not only has Putin ordered the annexation of Crimea but he is also taunting our military. Recently, Russian nuclear tipped bombers approached American sovereign air space. Russian subs and ships have been on the move. Why? Because they know they can without repercussions.

If those challenges are not enough, China pursues its national interests by eyeing the South China Sea. Their military buildup continues unabated. They recently threatened an American military routine reconnaissance flight over international waters. But the greatest danger of all is our trillions in debt to that Communist nation and our lack of leadership and the will to cure it.

In our own country, we are facing divisiveness, economic stress and continued erosion of individual rights by an ever encroaching government. If ever there was a need and time for leadership, this is it. The woes of the world are not all President Obama’s fault. But failure to lead and policies that substantiate the void of American power have awakened the rogue authoritarian stench of a spinning globe. This ride has been rough and from all indications, it’s only just begun.

William Pollack is a Memphis, TN based owner of radio, television stations and movie theaters.

About the Author
William Pollack own and radio, TV stations and movies theaters in the USA currently residing in Memphis, TN.