Rotem David

What are the results of the UN support of Gaza?

It’s no secret that the United Nations holds and has always held a heavily skewed stance against Israel in support of the Palestinians in Gaza in all conflicts.

Last Monday the UN posted their first reaction to the current war on social media. The post depicts the “horrific” state that the children of Gaza are currently in and calls for humanitarian assistance.

In the post, there is a complete disregard for the devastation currently being faced by the nation of Israel which was inflicted upon us by the inhumane attack by Hamas.

The UN also fails to address the disadvantages of sending humanitarian aid to Gaza.

When the humanitarian aid was sent, it was published that Hamas stole  fuel and medication from Gaza. What Hamas stole will be used to murder innocent Israelis,  which goes against every value the UN promotes.

In Gaza, the schools of the UNRWA are used to train youth to become terrorists.

UNRWA discovers terrorist tunnel under Gaza school


There were buildings of UNRWA  that were used as storeroom to train terrorists and store weapons

The unlimited support of the UN in Gaza leads to an increase in terrorism which kills more innocent Israelis.

The UN should be accountable for how the aid that they provide is used and to ensure that it doesn’t facilitate in order to continue calling itself a moral human rights organization.

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By the age of 16, I created a project on social media called "Teens for Israel" to educate the younger generation on how to use their social media skills to improve Israel's image online. 2 years later I filed a position as a spokeswoman of a political youth headquarters, I manage a team of 30 ambitious teenagers and lead online social projects. In addition, I wrote columns for youth news websites about social issues in Israeli society and impacted youth with my articles by creating conversations about the topics I wrote about. Today I am a released IDF combat soldier who is soon to fly with a delegation to the USA to educate youth about Israel and is passionate about using media as a way to educate and raise awareness.