Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

What Are Things That Can Only Happen to Israelis?

It is common in Israel to disrespect people of status, such as state officials. The reason for this is that we—the people of Israel, the Jews—are a free people in our roots. We originated as a nation of members who were equal to one another.

About 4,000 years ago, when we first united as “the people of Israel,” we had gathered around Abraham. At that time, Abraham invited anybody in ancient Babylon who had a desire to reach the degree of equality, love and freedom from the limits of this world, to implement his method.

Abraham taught his group that they were a free nation in that they each needed to develop themselves to become a positive force of support, encouragement, care and love toward each other. In such a state, nobody is lesser than others and no one can tell others what to do, but we can each give each other examples of love and care. If we can sustain ourselves in that continuous motion to love and care for one another, then we experience harmony and peace, but if we cannot hold ourselves in such a positive direction, then we become like savages.

Abraham’s method is supposed to unite people as equals, without any limits, where no person is greater or smaller than the others. In other words, in our origin, we have no sense of one or is powerful and another who is weak, but rather we all complement one another in a common effort to unite above our differences.

Since Abraham once united us as equals in a connection of love among one another, then we developed a very open approach in our relations. We dwelled in a positive connection where we behaved as if everyone everywhere was in our bedrooms.

Later, when we fell from the degree of a common love for one another and immersed ourselves in opposite attitudes to each other—a state of unfounded hatred—the feeling of our equality turned into a common disrespect and disregard. In other words, disregard, rejection and alienation replaced love, mutual consideration and unification. That is what we see among us today.

We need to understand how much of a better life we could be living if we once again applied Abraham’s method to our relations. If we start uniting above our divisive drives, then we would experience a whole new harmonious and peaceful world open up to us. We would draw the force of love and connection that dwells in nature into our relations, and by doing so, we would tap into that ability that once united us as “the people of Israel.” Our unity would have immensely positive rippling effects not only for our own well-being, but people around the world would also feel a surge of a new positive force enter their lives, and the attitude to Israelis and to Jews in general around the world would become very positive: people would revere the group that brings love, peace and unity to the world.

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