What are YOUR GOALS for 2014?

2014Do you have a goal that you have set for yourself time and again, but that you have never managed to achieve? Do you start something and never end up finishing it? Leave the ‘old you’ behind and let yourself emerge strong and powerful during 2014. Define your career goals, personal growth, relationships and everything else important and make them better.

Creating New and Realistic Goals

Once we will define the pressing issues, you gain the tools to deal with them; you can then break through and create new and realistic goals moving forward that will have life-changing consequences – for the better. By providing you with a platform of professional support, Sigal Consulting teaches you the tools you need to confront your current issues in a safe environment that is unbiased and confidential. Together we come up with achievable short-term goals, and more challenging long-term goals to shape your future.

Are you stuck in a dead-end career?

hate jobYour probably asking yourself, so, how did this happen to me? Well, from our experience with our clients it is fairly simple! People start a job, even temporarily and somehow like glue get stuck there or in an industry that doesn’t suit their needs or interests. Does this sound familiar? During our sessions with our clients we discuss those pressing issues that you would like to achieve: We go through a process of building you and your career. At Sigal Consulting we ask questions that no one dares to ask: “What are you passionate about”? “Do you feel stuck in your job”? “Is this what you envisioned for your future”? The majority of people hate what they do, so we need to start over because if you hate what you do and you spend minimum 9 hours a day there, you will certainly be depressed coming home! No one should live that way. You have the right to love what you do, so we will literally explore your career options from A-Z, until your certain of your next career steps.

Do what you LOVE… LOVE what you do!

loveIf you want to come to me for sessions that centre on personal growth and development, Sigal Consulting will provide you with guidance and assistance to help you overcome difficulties and together we will come up with ways to combat the hardships that life often presents. As a psychologist, Sigal Consulting provides you with tools to deal with your “real-world” problems and use positive psychology techniques to get you to the place you’ve dreamt of being but thought that dream was unreachable.

Sigal Consulting clients know that we are a short phone call or face-to-face meeting away, we will give you the ongoing boost of confidence that you need and in a short time you will recognize the positive changes you will make.

Decide today, 2014 is knocking…

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” Anthony Robbins. Choose your destiny now… Sigal Consulting is here to help you on your journey…

About the Author
Sigal Abbatovi is an experienced Organizational Psychologist who helps pave the road to professional success, personal fulfilment and jump-starting start-ups, in a nutshell, Sigal helps people find the life they love and a career that supports it by following their goals, recognizing their dreams and therefore gaining maximum satisfaction from their lives. Check out the Sigal Consulting site on: or call 0526754988 for more information.