What Aryeh Ehrlich should have said to our enemies!

A week ago in Mishpacha magazine Deputy Editor Aryeh Ehrlich wrote in both Arabic and Hebrew, “We, the haredi community, have no cause in ascending the Temple Mount at this time. We are strongly opposed,” He goes on to suggest “So if you have any solid information about the intentions of Israel to change the status-quo regarding the Dome of the Rock (sic) — which is not the case in our opinion — it has no connection to the haredi community. So please, stop murdering us.”

This is demoralizing and divisive but unfortunately, not new. Although this “leader” of the Haredi community is in the spotlight now many times, this comes from certain leftists as well. For example, when a terror attack occurs in Judea and Samaria, these individuals will vilify the Jews who have chosen to live there as “settlers deserving” of Arab terror. There is the very similar “Ehrlichian” response when terror finds its way to Tel Aviv and harmful statements take to the airwaves like…. “Why do they attack us? We want to stop the occupation, too” or the all too familiar and pathetic excuse for terror that these terrorists so desire their own country they just have to act like monsters. Hmmm, Tibet, Cyprus, and, Kurdistan residents don’t target the innocent and they are under “occupation” — the real legal kind. Why do some Jews, and thankfully only a small number, try to offer a scapegoat up, “no, it’s those Jews,” who deserve it, even if not the intent, justifies the unjustifiable murder of innocents.

I think it is about time that, when we as Jews are under attack, we stand resolutely together like we did June of 2014. Our enemies are always looking for “those Jews”, like the Neturai Karta, to not only side with them, but give them international legitimacy against us, the Jewish people. We should recognize that it does not matter where we were born or live, our socioeconomic standing nor our political/religious affiliation. We are attacked because we are Jews no matter what reason our enemies give. Therefore, if you are the next editor, news anchor, or man on the street speaking or writing in paper, electronic, or online media when talking to or about the monsters who afflict us here or abroad, I offer the following suggestions for sound bites. (Not only do they empower us against our enemies but maybe will give our enemies some food for thought about their losing tactics of terror against a united Jewish front.)

A. You, our enemies, are targeting us purely because we are Jews.
B. You, our enemies, do not care what slander, omission, misrepresentation, or lie you use in your libels to incite violence against Jews as long as it works. Yesterday it was “the IDF kills babies”, today it is “the Temple Mount is being taken over by the Jews” and tomorrow it could be “kill Haredim to stop their population expansion to take over Jerusalem”.
C. You, our enemies are fearful of us because it seems you obsess about attacking us, yet we obsess about bettering life here and for societies around the globe with our medical discoveries, technological innovations, and agricultural advances. Why not try it?
D. You, our enemies, are fearful because instead of terrifying Jews away from our land with the many riots and massacres you brought against us in the 1920s when only a few hundreds of thousands of Jews made the land of Israel their home now we are almost 7 million strong and the largest community of Jews in the world. We will use your terror to unite and strengthen us!
E. You, our enemies, should study more as the Koran itself states how we are the people of this land and how the one and only G-d will defend us. As supposed religious Muslims, how can you possibly go against Allah’s word and believe you will succeed?
F. You, our enemies, should carefully consider that our prophets’ prophecies are coming true one after the other which shows the inevitability of G-d’s promises. Whether it is the Jews returning from the 4 corners of the world to the reigniting of a dead language, Hebrew, whether it is the blossoming of “barren lands” as Mark Twain called it during his trip here to defending ourselves against overwhelming odds in very outnumbered wars, He is showing His reign on all His creations.
G. We, the Jewish people, are intrinsically tied far more than even many of us understand, from the assimilated Jew in San Francisco to the Gur Rebbe, something our true leaders, political or religious, not only recognize but act upon. Our genetics lend to a past, present, and future that are intertwined and you cannot shake that brotherhood no matter how many BDS movements you create.
H. We are a courageous people, whether in peace or war, whenever there is warrant for each. We have promised our massacred in G-d’s name never again, and the continuous talk of genocide by you, our enemies calls for us to be vigilant, with our survival first and foremost by believing your every word. If you mess with us, look out, because we stand up to bullies.

Mr. Ehrlich, Twitter half-hearted spins and exile mentality aside, I think you owe the Jewish people an apology because, far worse than asking mercy from our enemies, you empowered them by giving legitimacy to today’s libel against the Jewish people, actually condoning murder against Jews other than Haredim, even if not your intent. All that means is you have made all of us, those who visit the Temple Mount daily to those who don’t even know what the Temple Mount is, into even bigger targets in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Stop legitimizing the murder of Jews or, in your own words Mr. Ehrlich, “stop murdering us”!

About the Author
Jay Wolf is a father of 6 from Bet Shemesh. When he isn't assisting organizations with their pr and marketing he coaches fitness and running, volunteers for MDA's blood bank and for the local police.
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