What can you do to help Israel now? Hint: It’s not buying army helmets.

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Since the October 7th attacks on Israel, diaspora Jews have been looking for ways to help Israel. Between buying equipment for soldiers, donating money to organizations like Magen David Adom, Zaka, and United Hatzalah, and sponsoring meals and hotel stays for evacuated families, the Israeli people have received huge amounts of help from their brothers and sisters overseas.

The recent spike in antisemitism felt in Jewish communities throughout the diaspora has only strengthened the understanding that a Jewish state is not just a holiday destination, or a ‘nice to have,’ but that it’s also a necessity for the longevity of the Jewish people. The relationship between Jews inside and outside of Israel has never been stronger with the understanding that all Jews share rights, responsibilities, and fate.

While charitable donations are hugely appreciated and have a great impact in real time, investing in the Israeli property market is arguably the most effective way of helping the Israeli people and the Israeli economy.

What the Israeli people need now is a thriving and functioning economy. The kind of economy that creates jobs and provides families with the ability to meet their mortgage payments and put food on the table. The kind of economy that provides financial stability and the ability to plan ahead. A thriving Israeli economy will help people bounce back sooner rather than later. Investing in the Israeli real estate market is the perfect way for diaspora Jews to support Israel right now.

Foreign Investment in real estate is a show of faith in Israel’s resilience. It sends a strong message to Israeli citizens, the government, and financial institutions that diaspora Jewry is confident in Israel’s ability to bounce back and flourish.

The last year of mass protests in Israel followed by the current war has caused the Dollar, Euro, and Sterling to strengthen in relation to the Shekel, effectively increasing foreign purchasing power by circa 20%. If the expected surge in Aliya materializes, then the market will react positively, and recoup its losses. Hindsight might show this to be an opportune moment to invest in the Israeli property sector.

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The Israeli property sector is also a huge job creator. From architects to contractors, to builders, realtors, and many more, tens of thousands of Israeli households rely on this sector to put food on the table. The trickle-down effect on the rest of the economy is immense. Buying Israeli property is the perfect modern-day example of teaching a man to fish. As Maimonodies teaches (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Charity, 10:7–14), the highest level of charity is providing someone with financial independence.

Perhaps the most convincing argument for diaspora Jews to invest in Israeli real estate right now, is that it’s an insurance policy for their future. The last 6 weeks have brought to the surface shocking waves of antisemitism across diaspora communities increasing their sense of vulnerability.

Being a proud Jew outside of Israel today is increasingly difficult. From England to France, Austria, the US, and Australia, Jews everywhere are making changes to their everyday lives to avoid attention. Removing Mezuzot, not wearing clothing or accessories that can easily identify them as Jews, and even buying guns and baseball bats, are just some of the measures that Jews in the diaspora are taking today. Buying a home in Israel is a security measure for whatever tomorrow might bring.

About the Author
Itai Shance is an Israeli real-estate lawyer based in Herzliya. His office deals primarily with buying and selling properties in Israel, family wealth management, and land disputes. Since opening his office he has helped countless new immigrants purchase their first home in Israel.