What changed?

There is a joke about a homeowner who watched as his shed was being ransacked by professional burglars so he called 911.

Dispatch: 911. What is your emergency?
Caller: There are three men robbing my shed!
Dispatch: Are they in your house?
Caller: No, they are in my shed!
Dispatch: Okay, we will send someone over in about 2 hours.
Caller: But all of my things will be gone by then! Can’t you come sooner?
Dispatch: I’m sorry but we have no one available….

15 minutes later….

Dispatch: 911. What is your emergency?
Caller: Its me, the guy with the shed. You need to send someone now! They are not only stealing the things in my shed; they are talking my car!
Dispatch: I am sorry sir. We have no available for another 3 hours.

5 minutes later….

Dispatch: 911. What is your emergency?
Caller: It’s me the guy with the shed…
Dispatch: Sir, you need to stop calling! You are thing up the line. We will send someone over there as soon as we can.
Well, actually it’s all take care of. I just called to tell you that I won’t be needing your assistance anymore.
Dispatch: Well, why not!?
Caller: Well, remember how I said there are three guys robbing by shed?
Dispatch: Yes, of course I do.
Caller: Well, I just shot them and they are dead. You don’t need to send anyone. Thanks anyhow.

Less than three minutes later dozens of police officers can be seen swarming upon the man’s property. They see three burglars who are very much alive.  The man watches from his window as all three burglar are arrested. At this point one of the officers sees the homeowner watching from his window and yells up to him:

“I thought you said you shot these guys!?

To which the homeowner responds:

“Well, I thought you said you had no one available for three hours….”

Its funny when it’s fiction.

Today however, we learned its not a joke and its not funny. This is indeed the despicable in inexcusable attitude of our distorted media.

Every day Arab terrorists through rocks at cars.
But they don’t only throw rocks. They throw cinder-blocks, molotov cocktails, massive stones and cans of paint.

Yet, we never hear about these events.

We never hear about the screaming baby’s or the shattered windows.

We never hear about the sleepiness nights or the panic attacks.

We never hear about it. Until today.

Today we heard about the rocks because today the victim shot back.
Well, today I ask the media:

I thought you had no one available;

What changed?

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