Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

What Decisions Does Israel Face Regarding Its War Against Hamas?

Israel’s decision making should accord with what is best for the country, which is the complete military and political dismantlement of Hamas. This is because, as is already clearly visible, any weakness on Israel’s behalf will later turn into a tragedy.

I trust that Israel simply has no other choice, especially after bearing the blow of the mass slaughter that Hamas executed on October 7, and knowing what Hamas can prepare for the future.

Israel has haters everywhere. Aside from Gaza, Israel is under threat from its north, south, east, in Iran and Yemen, and elsewhere. Accordingly, we need to make a stand and find a solution to the problem as we deem acceptable, and not according to the will of those who want us gone. We need to be ready for anything and to give nothing away.

I do not think that this view divides the nation in any way. There is no doubt that any sign of weakness on Israel’s behalf will only lead to more victims. It should thus be a firm decision, and while it might be bloody, it is so out of a survival necessity.

This decision is strengthened by the fact that we are in the land of our ancestors, and we should exercise self-persuasion, repeatedly reminding ourselves of this fact even if we do not feel it in our hearts. In other words, we need to transcend the idea that we are visitors here from foreign lands, and that we indeed live here on our land long enough to know what we are fighting for. When our hearts accept such a fact, then the aforementioned decision gains clarity. If we advance boldly along this line, then we gain confidence and strength, and we will emerge victorious.

Together with this firm stance, we should first and foremost take a step toward the upper force of love, bestowal and connection. It is the “glue” that originally bound us together as a nation, and it has the ability to not only unite us, but also the whole world after us. Likewise, we should feel that the upper force accompanies us the entire time, that it brought us here, and that we accordingly stand up for this land.

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