Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

What do you do

What do you do when you see a world seemingly out of control, yet magnificently moving toward a good conclusion.

When everyone seems upset about one thing or another, yet it all seems to be coalescing and sorting itself out.

What do I mean?

Well, superpowers are jostling with each other, Israel is trying to eliminate an enemy while the world is trying to stop it, and people seem polarized, divided, fearful, wherever in the world they are.

Except, it seems, in Israel. A few people still yell, but for the most part unity has prevailed, caring and graciousness and goodness is prevailing, and the Jewish people are talking more about G-d’s rulership.

So what do you do? You watch, as things develop. You are optimistic, as things progress. You are amazed that Israel is proceeding to destroy Hamas, despite the entire world trying unsuccessfully to stop it.

You watch amazed. And you tell yourself, that very soon, we will see the completion of a process of millennia.

When G-d will rest from His work, when a time that is wholly Shabbat will envelop, when goodness and graciousness and kindness will dominate, when the entire world will accept G-d as the King.

We need only to open our eyes to see how this is developing, right before our eyes.

Antisemitism? Now that it’s out there, governments can and are dealing with it, in order to stop it.

Polarization? Congress now seems to be moving toward resolving and working things out.

Infighting? Israel is showing the world how to get along. By turning disunity into unity, Israel is being a role model to the world.

As we watch in amazement, we tell ourselves that the complete Redemption with Moshiach, when the prophets tell us that the entire world will serve Him with one shoulder, the world will be filled with knowledge of G-d, and the Jewish people will again be home in the third Temple with their G-d in the holy and complete land of Israel forever, seems imminent.

May it happen very soon.

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