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Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

What Do You Do if You Hate the World So Deeply?

I received a similar question on my Facebook page from Dina:

“What should I do with my hatred for this world? Many people feel this way today. People hate this world! They hate it! And many even ask: ‘Why was I born? Why bring a child into this world?’”

It is indeed true. We are approaching a time when people in general will be completely disappointed with this world. Human egoistic nature, the desire to enjoy at the expense of others and nature, continually grows and cannot be fulfilled. People do not know how to fulfill their egoistic desires because if we manage to meet a fulfillment with any of our egoistic desires, the fulfillment becomes extinguished and a new egoistic desire appears in its place. Humanity thus develops with this growing inability to fulfill itself, and experiences more and more dissatisfaction the more it evolves.

I understand this state. Especially in my younger years, I had many such states that made me question why I am alive and what I should live for.

Ultimately, the reason for more and more people feeling dissatisfied and hating the world is to make the world better for themselves and for everyone. The solution for doing so exists, but everyone needs to discover it for themselves.

There is an innate desire in nature, with its laws of love, bestowal and connection, which wishes for our sound decision about how to perceive and sense the world. It is so that during our lifetime in this world, we would turn ourselves into such beings who approach the laws of nature with our thoughts and aspirations. Nature, having created this world, gave us the opportunity to reveal its laws in order to rise above our hatred of the world, i.e., to shift from a doomed, dreaded and egoistic world to a kind, enjoyable and beautiful one.

If we make this transition, then we will see a whole new harmonious world open up to us. Therefore, if our aspiration is to invert our hatred of the world into another state, to see this world differently, if we continually repeat such an inversion—even if only mechanically, without yet achieving its sincere sensation—then it will eventually happen. In order to do so, we must radically change our attitude toward the world, people and nature.

It is no simple task, and such a change requires mechanically “going through the motions” of envisioning a world opposite to the one that our egoistic desires paint a bleak picture of at any given moment. Such is the work of self-improvement described by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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