What Does Our Election Mean to Me?

Like many other Olim I moved to Israel because of an ideal. Like many other Olim, I wanted to make Israel my home. Yes, I’m very happy I made Aliyah. But, yes there is a But, I, like many other Olim, realized that I needed to do more than settle into a life of family and work.

There is still so much that needed to be developed, enhanced and altered to make life here the one we dreamt of.

I realized there was still much to do in the way of improvement for our imperfect national home.

I had to do something to make the quality of life in Israel better. To do something to Build our Country; to Overcome our Differences, to Give us Hope instead of Hate. Things like quality education for our children; after-school programs for those that can’t afford them; providing the same opportunities for our citizens living in the periphery.

I felt that our current government represents us poorly. I did not want to be preached to about our differences. Tell me what I can do for our country – don’t tell me why I should hate others who are different from me.

The answer for me was to search for a Political Party that would bring us together; that would put our Country first; that would focus on providing a Better Life for those less fortunate. I believe that Party is the Blue and White. So let me tell you WHY.

I was very fortunate to meet a politician that cared about our country. His name is Michael Biton. When I met him, he was the mayor of a small town in the Negev, Yerucham. Not a very sexy subject for most Israelis. Unless you served in the Army and were stationed in the Negev, there is probably not much chance that an Israeli living in the Center would visit there. Well, I visited. I’ve spent lots of time in the Negev and in Yerucham – I’ve been amazed at the changes happening there- new homes; day care centers; schools. There is a feeling that life is getting better. Why? My observation was that Michael put his heart and soul into bringing the community together. He brought all kinds of people (from the Diaspora and from Israel) to help with money and with time. Michael genuinely wanted to make life better for the people living in Yerucham and he did. Now that’s a politician I want to represent me and my family.

When Michael joined Benny Gantz’s party, it was because he believed Benny could make the changes in our country that he wanted. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Benny. I believe he entered politics – not for money – not for glory, but simply to help effect changes in our country that he believes will benefit all of us. I want to have pride in my elected officials. It pains me greatly to see (time and again) our government leaders investigated. I want to be able to actively support a Party that can bring Hope to our People. That can bring our country together. That can give the Diaspora the pride it once had in its Homeland. I believe that Benny will reach out to us, Israelis of all backgrounds, all affiliations, all walks of life, to bring us together; he will reaffirm our Partnership with Jews all over the world. The Blue and White will make every Jew feel at home in our Israel- a home they can be proud of.

About the Author
I am an attorney by trade. I practice in the U.S. and live in Israel. In the U.S., I am actively involved in AIPAC and have a bipartisan approach to U.S. politics. I became involved with Israeli politics after I made Aliyah in 2012. I also am very involved with Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Muss High School in Israel (in Hod HaSharon).
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