Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

What Does Shavuot Signify?

Shavuot signifies the day of the giving of the Torah, which is the greatest event that could ever occur.

Why is it the greatest ever event?

It marks a state where certain people who lived their usual lives, unknowing of why they were alive, received instructions—a method—on how to live optimally in our world, how to discover who they truly were, and that if they so wished, they could exit the narrow framework of feeling this world in their five bodily senses, expanding their perception and sensation to feel a new world.

They called method that they received “the Torah.” Through this method, they could discover a much richer and wider reality—the eternal reality—which they could connect with and feel.

That is what the Torah gives us. It is a method for expanding our perception, and which lets us discover the true reality where forces of love, bestowal and connection dwell in addition to the narrow reality we perceive in our five corporeal senses.

Shavuot is thus a very special holiday. It marks a differentiation of us living as animals in this world to becoming human beings in the fullest sense of the term, i.e., those who exit their feeling of this narrow and transient world and enter the attainment of a true, eternal and perfect reality beyond the bodily senses.

We should thus respect this holiday and try to reach what those who have attained those states—Kabbalists—tell us about it: that it is a state of connection “as one man with one heart,” of mutual support and understanding, with love and care for one another, and where we feel ourselves existing in one heart.

Even though we each initially live in our egoistic qualities, where we play host to many divisive thoughts, desires, decisions and opinions that resist the state of our complete connection to each other, by using the method of the Torah—the method of how to connect to the force of the upper nature that influences and changes us—we can rise from our egoistic level to one of eternity and perfection.

If we had not received the method of connection called “the Torah,” then we would have become completely divided, and we would have had no opportunity to understand the quality of love, bestowal and connection. We would have remained like animals in this world. Thanks to various unique individuals who implemented this method on themselves, we can access and apply the same method on ourselves.

When we do so, we develop a sense for feeling the quality of love, bestowal and connection. We then come to feel that there is a special force that vitalizes and illuminates the connection between us.

All people host this sense, but some feel it more than others, and the method we received on Shavuot lets us develop it until we feel attracted to connecting “as one man with one heart.” Moreover, those who develop this sense influence its awakening in others, and as such, more and more people increasingly draw toward it.

What is this sense? Generally speaking, it is a sense of love.

If we hold ourselves in an inclination to reach a common love for one another, then we undergo several states of feeling our disconnection, with disregard and disrespect for each other, until we discover the force of love, bestowal and connection that unites us upon those states.

We then become a new nation based on a common desire to connect in love above our divisive qualities, i.e., a nation that was previously nonexistent in a natural and biological way.

It is my hope that we indeed develop this sense of love, bestowal and connection using the method of connection that we received, and that we come to achieve this new sense sooner rather than later. When we do so, we will feel a new inclusive, eternal and perfect reality open up to us, a sensation of harmony and peace that we cannot even imagine in our current earthly senses.

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