What does the Lexit represent? Three advices for undecided voters!

1. Leaving the EU does not make you anti-immigrant nor anti-Europe!

In fact, the European Union itself is the basis of anti-immigrant policies in two ways. Firstly, the EU legitimises and legalises anti-immigrant campaigns through its own policies. For example, the EU-Turkey refugee deal is the latest undemocratic policy which was also backed by David Cameron. Prominent international non-governmental organisations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have been very critical of the EU-Turkey refugee deal. Moreover, the UN top officials also claim that deporting people without considering their asylum applications would break international law. Moreover, next EU presidency will be taken by Slovakia that openly declared Islam has no place.

Secondly, 2008 eurozone crisis fuelled far-right movements that target immigrants and refugees. The EU’s austerity policies that drove people into more poverty and created more unemployment that certainly created anger and phobia. In fact, far-right movements and parties had one common ground that is the EU scepticism and the EU scepticism evolved and shifted into islamophobia, antisemitism and anti-immigrant. The Lexit campaign is the only platform can transform or use this anger in a more constructive way rather than using the immigrants as scapegoats for the wrong doings of the big hands.

2. Both sides agreed on that the EU is not perfect

Whether remain or leave campaigners they all agree that EU is far from perfect and it seems it is also far from getting better. The EU trade and economic policies are already disaster for many people and what is on the way is TTIP. People still have not covered the eurozone crisis and are we ready much bigger shock which will possibly have more effects on the people’s lives? Also, do you think the EU would urge referendum to ask people whether they will accept the TTIP? Of course, no.

The EU needs radical reforms to be changed and radical reforms can only come true by radical change. The Lexit campaign represents the exit of the neoliberal policies that we have seen recently. Lexit campaign has already challenged the establishment of the EU and it has great power to change the base of the EU which might spark other EU states.

3. End the top-down approach! Power to the people!

People in the EU have seen another side of the EU that forced and drive countries into corner like in Greece, Ireland (Lisbon treaty), Spain, Portugal, Italy and more recently France (labour law reform). Democracy has been sacrificed for the sake of the EU’s technocratic unelected governments. People who will vote to leave is not solely anti-Europe. There are mixed feelings that people have given first time chance to change something about the EU.

I wonder that how many times did the EU ask ordinary people’s opinions about any legislation that have put into practice? Did the EU ever asked people whether austerity is the only solution to defeat crisis? Did the EU ask ordinary people when they made the anti-refugee deal? Left Exit / Lexit campaign focuses on the reality of what the EU is and what it does.¬†Whether the UK will remain or leave the EU, the Lexit campaign has already opened the pandora’s box and the spectre of the Lexit might haunt the EU if it succeeds.

About the Author
Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Gurkan is an Oxford BA (Hons) graduated and pursuing a double master's in International Political Economy at Warwick & Strategic Studies at NTU in Singapore. He is also a published poet.