What had really happened inside Noach’s tent?

There is a strange episode in this week’s Parashah: Noach got drunk and uncovered himself in his tent, then came Cham who saw his father’s nakedness and went out and told his two brothers about it. Noach woke up from his slumber and realized what his younger son had done to him and cursed his grandson Canaan.

The obvious question is since when father is not allowed to go to a public bath house with this son?

Like Days of Noach, Like the Days of Lot

The key to unravel this cryptic account is revealed in Luke 17:26-28 which essentially says: Like days of Noach…like the days of Lot…so what is the parallel between Noach’s story and that of Lot?

Both are the story of a single family being delivered from a devastating judgment, Noach from water, and Lot from fire.

Noach was the righteous man in his generation and Lot was the righteous man in his city, which are not necessarily compliments against the backdrop of their evil generation and a perverted city.

Both are a family of eight members, for Lot has two married daughters and two virgin ones, which add up to eight people when his wife and the two sons-in-laws are counted.

Both are unworthy of their deliverance, why?

There was no window made in the ark, except for a mysterious Tzohar on the top, so that Noach’s family wouldn’t be able to see the dead bodies on the water. The command to Lot was even more explicit, “don’t look back”, for it is not proper for a person saved through grace to rejoice over the destruction of their enemies.

Now here is the climax of the story: both were saved, and both got drunk, Lot committed incest in a cave with his two daughters, but how about Noach, anything happened between him and his son in the tent?

Lot’s older daughter obviously was not ashamed of what she did and came out and told her younger sister exactly what happened. She had gone so far as to name her son as Moab, that is, from the father.

Similarly, Cham obvious was not so embarrassed with what he did, so he also went out and told his two brothers, but what did he do inside Noach’s tent?

The first mention of Canaan in the Torah is literally out of blue, saying: “And Cham is the father of Canaan” וְחָם, הוּא אֲבִי כְנָעַן, with no context whatsoever (Gen 9:18), but why should we know this relationship? Why weren’t the other sons of Canaan mentioned, or the sons of Shem and Japheth for that matter?

Now the gematria for these four words is 269, which is the key, for this is the exact same gematria of “like the days of Noach, like the days of Lot”. More astonishingly, it is also the gematria of “Lot, father, Moab, Ben-Ami”, as follows:

And Cham is the father of Canaan וְחָם, הוּא אֲבִי כְנָעַן 269
Lot, father, Moab, Ben-Ami לוֹט אָב מוֹאָב בֶּן-עַמִּי 269
Like the days of Noach, like the days of Lot כִּימֵי נֹחַ וְכִימֵי לוֹט 269

The numbers speak for themselves: in the same way Moab and Ben-Ami were the sons from an incestuous relationship, so was Canaan the son of Cham, for like in the days of Lot, so is the days of Noach.

Came the Wife of Noach

Who was the wife of Noach, the Torah seems to be silent on this point, but is it really?

According to the Rabbis, she was the last female mentioned in Cain’s genealogy, Naamah (Gen 4:22).

The obvious question is why does Torah care to spill the ink over the genealogy of Cain if all of them were doomed for destruction in the flood? And more pointedly, why list a female in the genealogy which seems to be so out of character of Torah narrative?

Naamah נַעֲמָה means pleasant, and in Zohar’s language, she was so attractive that even the angles would fall for her, which is reminiscent of the “sons of God seeing the daughters of the man…”.

Cham חָם means heat or hot, the connotation is lust, who apparently did not have a good reference from the Rabbis, for according to Sanhedrin 108b, three copulated in the ark, and they were all punished – the dog, the raven, and Cham…

Why should the Rabbis care about the sexual behavior of a dog or a raven in the ark? These are codes waiting to be revealed, for the gematria of the three Hebrew words plus that of Naamah is astonishing:

Raven, dog, Cham עֹרֵב כֶּלֶב חָם 372
Naamah נַעֲמָה 165

Since 537 is an odd number, which means there is a mid-point number from 1 to 537, which midpoint number is 269. This is exactly the gematria of “And Cham is the father of Canaan” as noted above.

The Nakedness of Noach

What does the nakedness of his father mean?

וַיַּרְא, חָם אֲבִי כְנַעַן, אֵת, עֶרְוַת אָבִיו And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father…(Gen 9:22)

This is obvious a euphemism, for the same exact term was used in the following verse:

עֶרְוַת אֵשֶׁת-אָבִיךָ, לֹא תְגַלֵּה עֶרְוַת אָבִיךָ, הִוא The nakedness of thy father’s wife shalt

thou not uncover: it is thy father’s

nakedness (Lev 18:8)

It is obvious from above verse that the nakedness of the father is the mother, and it follows the nakedness of Noach was Naamah.

So what really happened in Noach’s tent?

It may be surmised that both Noach and Naamah got drunk in the tent, and Cham violated Naamah without her knowledge, for this is hinted in Lot’s story in that Lot had no knowledge of what his two daughters did to him.

It is now clear that when Shem and Japheth went backward and covered their father’s nakedness, they were in fact covering Naamah, for she was Noach’s nakedness.

Let’s now analyze the gematria.

The gematria of Noach and his three sons is 1126.

Since Torah does not reveal the names of Lot’s two daughters but simply refers them as “his daughters”, we will use this term in our analysis. The number worked out for Lot, his daughters, Moab, Ben-Ami is 732, and the difference between Noach’s family and Lot’s family in gematria is 392, as follows:

Noach, Shem, Cham, Japheth, Canaan נֹחַ שֵׁם חָם יָפֶת כְּנָעַן 1126
Lot, his daughters, Moab, Ben-Ami לוֹט בְנֹתָיו מוֹאָב בֶּן-עַמִּי (734)

Mostly astonishingly, 392 is exactly the gematria of “Canaan, servant of servants” which is the exact phrase used by Noach to curse Canaan in Gen 9:24:

Canaan, Servant of Servants כְּנָעַן: עֶבֶד עֲבָדִים 392
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