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What happened in Sweden last night?

Sweden Democrats, also known as Nazis parading down a street. (Wikimedia Commons, unknown, 2019).

Not much. 6 cases of domestic abuse. 1 murder. 1 rape. 3 robberies. But something else happened. The Sweden Democrats in a nationwide poll became the largest party by scoring 25.1% of the votes.

What are the Sweden Democrats?

A party founded in 1988 by former Waffen-SS veterans, then under the name BSS (Bevara Sverige Svenskt, translates into Keep Sweden Swedish). They put up posters warning swedish women of people with african roots to not fall in love with them, since not only would they get HIV – but also mixing with the other race was considered treason according to them.

These Waffen-SS veterans had also been part of the Swedish National Socialist party during the 40’s, actively supporting the Nazis themselves. They also had a tight connection to the then-nazi german embassy in Stockholm and actively reported on Jews and documenting them – so if Sweden would have been invaded it would have been easier to round up all the jews.

Early on, the party recommended international connections with the National Democratic Party of Germany, the American Association for the Advancement of White People and actively referring to publications like Nation Europa and Nouvelle École, both publications promoting racial biology.

By the way – Sweden was the first country in the world to form a racial biological institute. And it kept running until 1979. Nowadays it’s still alive but focuses on human biology. To be honest, I don’t think much has changed.

In 1995, the current party leader, Jimmie Åkesson joined the party. This was the time when they were wearing uniforma resembling to the SA (SturmAbteilung), Sieg-Heiling and worshipped ancient viking gods.

In 1996 they understood that if they were to win any votes they needed to pinkwash their message. No more uniforms. No more marching on the street. No more swastikas. Instead they joined other emerging far right-wing parties across the EU, such as the French National Front and the Italian National alliance. In the 1998 elections, the Sweden democrats recieved funding from these parties in order to fund their election-run.

What now?

They have 25,1% of the electoral base according to Demoskop. Swedish polls often turns out to be accurate.

I have no idea how anyone can affiliatw with them. In August 2010, three members of the parliament was involved in what has become known as the iron rod/pipe-scandal. Where they took up those metall objects with the length of about 2 meters, being drunk and went after a Swedish-Kurdish comedian named Soran Ismail.

But that’s only the start. One MP claimed he was robbed and pushed off his wheelchair by Arabs. When the truth came out – it showed that he had forgotten his belongings in a restaurant and he himself had fallen out of the wheelchair – thanks to video evidence.

During the migrant influx all over Europe, the 2nd chairman of the Swedish parliament, Björn Söder, said that they should mount a MG43 machine gun on the bridge leading from Denmark to Sweden. He was clearly refering to the use of this machine gun by the nazis during WWII.

Mattias Karlsson, another prominent figure in the party who is currently an MP, and for a short while lead the party because Jimmie was sick – recently claimed that his Sweden should last for a 1000 years, clearly again refering to actual nazi narratives.

The list goes on – another MP took a picture of himself and posted it online holding a gun, ready to shoot what he called a “degenerate nigger”, because this person passed by his house and the dog pee’d on a light pole close to his garden. This guy is know the one who handles the economy within the party.

Jimmie Åkesson, the current leader, was just deported from Turkey and has been issued a permanent travel ban to that country. He earned that due to him handing out flyers to migrants stating “Sweden doesn’t want you. Go somewhere else or go back home. Sincerely; the people of Sweden).

Suddenly he has changed the narrative just by “signing” it with “the people of Sweden”. But do you want to know what scares me the most? That one in four is prepared to vote for a party whose roots are founded in nazi-ideology. That concerns me more than the Corona virus.

The Sweden Democrats wants to limit the freedom of speech – no one should be allowed to publish anything “anti-Swedish”. Journalists and traitors should face court according to them. Even I would face court for telling the truth of the ugly side of Sweden.

And it is so ugly. Democracy is beautiful, there is no other way we can live. But in the same time a nazi party who hasn’t actively recognized the Holocaust nor actually ousted some of it’s most extreme politicians scares the living crap out of me.

It has come to a breaking point in my life. Can I trust my friends? Do people know what they are voting for?

Some do, some do not. Those who are swayed by the wave of populism. If they come to power I will leave Sweden for good. That is how bad it is. It’s not about crime, abuse or victimization. The Sweden Democrats distinguishes itself by being the only party with nazi roots, with active nazi members – their European counterparts do not have this history in their backpack.

There is no way to end this blog post, I can only confirm that in this perfect role model country, 1 in 4 is prepared to vote for a nazi party. I’m ashamed. I actually have to un-friend some of my friends on FB. They are now frenemies.

Why do we have to be swayed by populism? Why do we buy ultra far right-wing agenda? Why do people buy that Jews rule the world and the Gypsies (Roman people) are all thiefs?

I read a comment somewhere from a Jew in this forum. It said “I wish we ruled the world”. Right now I would lile the IDF to invade Sweden, doing a coup d’ etat and enforce the law equally until people come to their senses.

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