What Happened to Egyptian Jews? All Murdered?

Jews were Middle Easterners as they are now; they were living in old Egypt during Moses’s era. Modern Egypt has 18 million Arab Copts but today, it has no Jews whatsoever.  They are in dichotomy: they are devoured as terrorists like to say or converted to Coptic denomination by fear. Islamic scriptures save Wahhabi books abundantly testify that Jews were in Egyptian indigenous people when Pharaohs were persecuting them– “no, they were in Calais, not in Cairo”— Jewish-existence denier told me even though no mention of Arabs in the Quran at the time.  It’s an irony that Morocco a quite distant country from the Arabian Peninsula still had a sizable Jewish community as a part of the fabric society thriving well. Egypt another North African nation at the heart of the Middle East fails to convince the world of where its Jews have gone! Jews have been patients for thousands of years with constants displacements, forced evictions, and denial of their existence.

The Aljazeera in Arabic ran an article “The Geographic Distribution of Jews in the Arab World.” and they never mentioned any Egyptian Jews while listing Arabian Jews: Khaybr, Iraqi, Levant, Yemeni, and Moroccan Jews.

“Where are your (Arab) Jews?” question directed at The UN summit while an Arab man was lecturing about apartheid of breathlessness. This absence of answer to this simple question after so many years exposes the Arabs’ murder of Jews and sparing Christians for being Arab by tribe.  Millions of Arab Christians of all every denominations from Scientology to Evangelism live in the Arab World from the Middle East to the North Africa and they are treated with a fair degree of dignity—except the unusual cases of Islamists’ brutal attacks on Copts which sometimes happen to Muslims as well— no Jews except in Morocco whose number is dwindling by every passing year.  It’s seems Arab mobs’ Islam cleansed of Arab Christians of the sin of being an infidel. They harbor hatred and prejudice only against Jews though they never met them.

The State of Israel never speaks for them lest their already life-threatening conditions may deteriorate. The remaining Jews in the Arab countries who were forced to deny their identity out of fear face a naked death for being Jewish. No other crime they committed other than being Jewish! Thousands of law abiding Jews of the so-called Sharia laws left their mansions and wealth to the devices of Arab anti-Semites. Arab Jews arrived in Israel barefooted and stripped of their centuries-old inheritances from their grandfathers. They hit the ground running in Israel and began life from scratch because Palestinians who fled the region were living in muddy huts; they were water cart-donkeys drivers, impoverished and deprived who left nothing behind to be inherited from Palestinians.  So-called Nakba, it was loss of a land but not money or gold they left behind.

The Arab21.com article “when will the Arab Jews take the reins?”  They tried in vain to create unrest in Israel by playing ethnic card by arguing that Arab Jews are economically and politically marginalized deliberately by Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews. They forget is the Arabs who marginalized the Arab Jews in Israel not vice versa when they robbed of their possessions during the systematic displacement from their homelands. Will the Arab political leaders dare to return Jews’ farms and fixed properties the Arabs still occupy in the Arab  countries or is it Halal according to the Wahhabism of  what robbed from innocent civilian Jews who lived in Islamic caliphates?   The genuine Islam considers looting of innocent non-Muslims’ wealth an illegal; war booties qanimatul Harbi, is the goods and women at the battlefield, not every non-Muslims left behind. Noncombatants’ properties are protected from looting and robbery by Islamic laws. Does any Arab care about the Islam laws? If yes, the suicide bombing outlawed in Sharia laws and yet happening every week would be a thing of the past.

The entire Arab World would fear collective bankruptcy if justice is enforced given the Quranic verse “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives…” (4:135). We Muslims are not closer to practicing of this verse let alone doing practically. We pay lip service to the verses that goes against our interests or call it invalid and obsolete verbally exist in the text of the sacred books but not applicable to us the Muslims; we so smart to fool Allah occasionally despite doing so a heinous sin.

I met Adrian Tawfiq online who and his father live in New York and asked him if he is an Arab because of his last name. He told me that they are Jews from Iraq; his father born in Iraq and still not only speaks the Arabic but also hangs out with his Arab elderly peers without iota of hatred and prejudice against Arabs. He eats out the Arabian restaurants in New York.  What a nice man! Arabs united in nothing but to undermine Jews which is not good in this and hereafter. Jews decided to live in a small part of their ancestral land compromising all of it to Arab Muslims and Arab Christians. Jews in Israel aren’t demanding to return to Egypt, a land all three scriptures agreed on that it was Israelites land for thousands of years before the exodus.

Imagine the Red Indians in America and the aborigines in Australia insist on to get some returns of their ancestral land revenues. Wouldn’t that be okay? If Jews demand reparations from Arab sheikdoms like the Holocaust funds. What’s wrong with that? For me as a Muslim, it’s justice served only and nothing wrong with it. Such positive actions will enhance interfaith dialogue and further the harmony between Jews and Muslims in the region.

A faithful Arab—if such man left in the Arab World— would tell us what happened to Egyptian Jews and peace would soon prevail in the Middle East both Arabs and Jews share their ancestral lands in equality and justice unlike dominations and military confrontations that delayed the region economically for decades.




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