What Happened Today

What happened today was unforgivable. Unjust. Cruel. What happened today sickened me to the depths of my stomach. What happened today did not happen because of settlements in the West Bank or Jews going up on Temple Mount. What happened today did not happen because of last year’s Operative Protective Edge in Gaza, or because of Israel’s right to exist and defend herself. What happened today happened because of brainwashed individuals who were barraged with words of hate and revulsion since the moment they learned how to speak. What happened today was embedded in these sick individuals’ minds who can’t comprehend that the Jewish people have been providing them everything they have ever needed to survive. God only knows why this happened today, and we simply have to move on, no matter how impossible that might sound.

Saying the number five in your head a million times is almost like making the word seem insignificant, and oh so small. Five, five, five. I went to the supermarket and bought five apples. I own five pairs of Converse. I walk for five minutes. No, 5 souls were murdered today. 5 innocent human beings were lost to the sheer madness that consumes every terrorist’s core.

Murdering individuals in a place of worship because why the hell not. Murdering individuals on their way home after a long days’ work because why the hell not. Murdering individuals on their way to do a good deed because why the hell not. Murdering individuals because they can, and will continue to do so until something changes. But, when will that change happen?

So please, keep on sharing the news on Facebook and Twitter. But remember that it is not enough. It is not enough to share this devastating piece of news on your account and pretend everything will be okay. Because it won’t. We have to do something more. Something bigger. Something extraordinary. I’m writing this wishing I knew what that something was. But honestly, I don’t have the faintest idea. What I do know is that something, that essence of Godly intervention we so desperately need will only come when we all work together to fight this evil disease that is constantly spreading. And we can’t pretend that someone else will do it. It is up to us. Each and every one of us no matter where you come from or how old you are. Whether you are in Israel, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa or anywhere in this beautiful world — Speak up. Open up your mind and let your words turn into ideas that can actually make a change the world is waiting to see. Do something. Anything. Something. Please.

About the Author
Sara Scheidlinger lived in the Old City, and still can't believe she finished studying at Midreshet Harova. She physically resides in Woodmere, NY, but spiritually resides in Israel. She is currently attending Queens College Freshman Honors.
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