What have you done to our children ?

Last night I had the privilege of attending an event in London put on by the Zionist Federation of the UK for the #bringbackourboys campaign

The event was well attended and we had the pleasure of listening to Asaf Yifrach brother of Eyal Yifrach who was kidnapped alongside his friends,
now over two weeks ago.

It was a show of unity within the Jewish community here in London and although there are only 250,000 Jewish people living in the UK, it felt that we were all there, supporting Asaf and his family as he goes through this horrific time.

It stirred up memories of stories my husband told me, as he remembered climbing on the shoulders of his father at the airport, as the plane came back from Entebbe where his auntie was held hostage.
He remembered the constant worry and agonising pain that his family were going through until the hostage crisis came to an end.

I came to know Ido Daniel of Students for Israel, who began the Bring our boys back campaign, on Twitter, through my work with YadbyadUK.

And whilst British organisations and Jewish media seemed to distance themselves from us, we had overwhelming support from Ido and similar organisations working towards the same goals. And the goal is to try and eradicate hatred on the Internet and to monitor the antisemitism through social media.

The reason I’m writing about this, is that since the kidnappings took place two weeks ago, we have seen a surge of the most horrific hatred towards Jewish people through social media that I have witnessed in a very long time. And this time it has been a mixture of good old fashioned antisemitism alongside the cruelest and I have to say the most perverted comments about innocent children.
Not just any children ..but Jewish children.

I could write forever on the amount of messages and reports that we’ve received about these comments, and I’m refraining from posting any on this blog.
However what I’ve learnt from monitoring the #bringbackourboys campaign, is that lessons have not been learnt.

The education of the Holocaust has gone badly wrong, specifically with a large majority of our youth. The brushing under the carpet of Antisemitic attacks by our monitoring organisations, typically in the United Kingdom over the years, has done us no good, and it has produced a generation of children who are now adults who have such a warped sense of who Jewish people are, that something has to change pretty quickly before it’s too late.

Some people ask me why I bother to spend all my free time monitoring the Internet for hatred, and why my heart hurts so badly for Eyal, Gilad and Naftali .

My answer is because we will never eradicate antisemitism and hatred completely but if we do not as individuals, put in time to counteract this growing evil towards Jewish people, then I fear not just for us but for humanity as a whole .

About the Author
Ambrosine spent 15 years in the UK media and music industry working with British pop acts such as Mel & Kim, covering International promotions. Spent the last ten years as a voice over. In 2013 Ambrosine set up Yad B'yad-UK to monitor and help people who have been victims of racial abuse and anti-Semitism through social media platforms.