Chaim R. Landau

What Hilary Clinton Should Have Said at the Second Debate with Donald Trump

1: Sir, you have claimed that your unapologetic, indefensible, and brutal remarks about women whom you would like to assault and attack is just locker-room talk. You, however, sir, are a misogynistical, narcissistical pervert for whom the only house fit for your presidential ambitions and sexual desires lies at the bottom of the deepest sewer in New York ! Your regard for women defies acceptance in any branch of Western civilizational norms, and the American people must shudder at the utter contempt you show towards the opposite sex. You dare to claim this is not you. But what kind of individual turns the office of the strongest leader in the world into the sordid repository of verbal diatribes against women ?

2: You would like to state that my husband is no paradigm of virtue, and that this follows a long list of American presidents whose sad infidelities with others stained and shamed the office of President. But since when do the sins of others become a platform and a paradigm for joining their degrading of the office they held ? Surely, the nature of the public office holds the honored individual to the highest standards of moral integrity as a given before he or she even begins to decide on issues of national and international importance. We are not running for Presidential office to disgrace the White House, but to lead as an example for Americans and others to follow and embrace with pride, irrespective of the politics. Character is not political: it is fundamental to the running of a successful democracy.

3: You have failed to put a single thorough and detailed explanation of any policy in any area of your program that you claim will make you a successful leader. You have chosen generalities over specifics, criticisms of policies passed over a creative platform of policies to be pursued. And then, on top of all this lack of information, you then tell the American public to trust you. Why should they trust you ? Such feelings have to be earned, not expected. It is a build up of being totally honest with the public and leading them along paths that assure their economic prosperity, national safety, educational equality, and guarantee of affordable health care. Based on your business history, where you have sued people you owed, failed to pursue business agreements previously agreed upon, and lost stratospheric amounts pursuing risky business schemes and policies, there is nothing in the world that evinces any reason to trust you running this great country.

4: I am glad you can quote so many military people support your plans. But all this is while the heart and soul of the Republican party are running away from you in droves. The leadership can’t stand you. The rank and file are afraid of you. You, sir, have become the Zika virus of your party which should force you to reconsider political banishment, because you are infecting the political careers of so many in your party. You have placed the entire Republican adventure into a convulsive stroke from which they may require nothing short of a miracle to recover. Maybe you should follow the advice they are all giving you and just let the likeable and affable Mike Pence take over the Presidential garland and run with it all the way to the White House before you have any more disagreements with him on Syria and other critical issues on which you and he maintain a constant level of absolute miscommunication.

5: Finally, you show an amazing inability to use the English language in a way that allows you to begin, continue, and complete a sentence intelligently. You go off on so many tangents that what you seem to want to say gets lost in a mangle of dysfunctional words, sentences and subjects, so that, by the time you stop to take a breath of oxygen, whatever you have said resembles the ramblings of a Russian peasant filled with vodka.

Oh, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE will you stop being such a single-syllabic individual who utterly fails to get beyond the D-word. You used “disaster” over 21 times during the debate. A little more care in diversity of words would be so much easier on the ear, and an indication that your English education actually did provide you with alternatives (failing which, the use of a dictionary might be a worthwhile book to read )!

And so, sir, as a result of all these faults, I have only two words to say to you:

YOU’RE FIRED !!!!!!!!

About the Author
Rabbi Chaim Landau is Emeritus Rabbi and President of the Baltimore Board of Rabbis. He served the Bnai Jacob Congregation and later Ner Tamid Congregation in Baltimore. He was born in the UK, graduated Jews College with Bachelors Degree in Jewish Studies, has Smichah from Israel.