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What I Learned about Anti-Semitism

We won’t allow Jews with their filthy feet to defile our Al-Aqsa mosque…..

(Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, 2015)

Recently I attended a class on the history of the Holocaust. For the class, I decided to read Hitler’s manifesto, Mein Kampf, in which he lays out his socio-political analysis of Germany’s post-World War I situation and his solutions for setting it straight.

Hitler’s anti-Semitic views were extreme. Most disturbing was my realization that all of this was familiar to me. Nothing that Hitler said about Jews was original. He simply repeated calumnies that echoed before his time and continue to reverberate into the present day. They have taken on a life of their own. Even today they are used by political leaders, historians, journalists, social media actors and others.

If good people don’t do battle against these ideas, they will continue to fester. The first step in the battle is to understand the themes that define anti-Semitism. This post is an attempt to do that.

What follows are false anti-Semitic defamatory themes used in the past and present. 

Global Conspiracy

Jewish communities in all nations are linked and closely coordinated in a worldwide conspiracy whose goal is to achieve Jewish domination of the world.

Due to the international nature of the Jewish conspiracy, eliminating or controlling it in only one country is not sufficient to protect the world from Jewish perfidy. Only an international campaign of control can impede their takeover of the world.

For example, it is no coincidence that industrialist and publisher Henry Ford titled his 1940s anti-Semitic tome, The International Jew (originally published as newspaper articles and an anthology).

Collective Identity

Jews should not be seen as individuals, but rather as a collective. That is why, throughout Mein Kamp, Hitler refers to “the Jew” as if every Jew was the same as every other Jew. This demonizes all Jews and it animates fear of Jews as a threat to organized societies.

Racial Uniqueness

Jews are a distinct race of people, unlike members of other communities. They are defined in biological terms. Their genetic makeup and physical characteristics are unique. Jews work to contaminate the genetic makeup of their host populations.

Hitler for example, believed that Jews were carrying out a strategy to dilute the pure “Aryan” blood of Germans by means of a campaign to marry Jewish women to “Aryan” men. During the Holocaust, American anti-Semites who opposed the emergency relocation of Jewish children to the US, argued that “today’s adorable Jewish children will become tomorrow’s ugly Jews.”


Jews do not contribute to the societies in which they live. All their wealth is surreptitiously expropriated from the true producers of wealth, that is, from the majority populations within which Jews live.

A corollary of this theme is that Jews control domestic and international financial institutions and that they use this control to expropriate the wealth of others.

In the 1980s, American anti-Semites argued that “East Coast Jewish bankers” were responsible for the failures of family farms in the Midwest. I have read screeds that accuse “the Rothschilds”, a Jewish banking family, of causing financial failure for their personal gain. These days, anti-Semites often call out George Soros, a wealthy supporter of liberal causes. The phrase “Soros-funded” is used to explain currency manipulation, high crime rates, election tampering and other social ills.


Jews use surreptitious means to gradually take over the countries in which they live, and ultimately control them for their own own benefit.

In Mein Kamp, Hitler wrote:

 People who can sneak their way, like parasites, into the human body politic and make others work for them under various pretences [sic] can form a State without possessing any definite delimited territory. This is chiefly applicable to that parasitic nation which, particularly at the present time preys upon the honest portion of mankind; I mean the Jews.

Cause of Social Ills

Because Jews undermine nations, and because they are highly effective in doing so, they are singularly responsible for national calamities such as wars and economic dislocations.

Hitler implausibly argued that Jews were responsible for Germany’s defeat in World War I. In other countries and other wars, anti-Semites often falsely accuse Jews of shirking their military responsibilities. They say that Jews rarely serve in the military, even when they serve in numbers proportional to the Jewish population.

Biological Contamination

Jews are not only biologically inferior, they also spread filth and disease within their host countries. They do this to take advantage of their hosts and also to weaken and ultimately take over their host societies.

In 2015, in a television speech to Palestinians, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas affirmed, “We won’t allow Jews with their filthy feet to defile our Al-Aqsa mosque…..”

Cultural Contamination

Jews weaken traditional elements of culture though their influence in music, theater, film, baseball, and other cultural institutions. Thus, they are a threat to national identity.

In The International Jew, Henry Ford laid out these accusations of cultural contamination in great detail.

Rorschach Effect

Anti-Semitism is unique in its propensity to morph over time. The Collective Jew is said to embody whatever characteristic is most despised in each society at a particular point in time.

Thus, anti-Communists accuse Jews of being Communists. They highlight Jewish participation in Communist and Socialist movements.

Contemporaneously, Socialists accuse Jews of being Capitalists. As evidence of this, Socialists point to Jewish participation in banking, finance and government policy.

Nationalists accuse Jews of undermining national identity. Globalists accuse Jews of being Nationalists, particularly in the case of Israel.

Understanding the themes that define anti-Semitism is not a cure for this malady. But it does provide a diagnosis that is a necessary precursor to combating it.

About the Author
The author is a life-long Zionist and advocate for Israel. He believes that a strong Jewish state is invaluable, not only to Jews, but to the world-wide cause of democracy and human rights. Dr. Berger earned a PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has twenty-seven years of teaching experience. He has authored and co-authored three books as well as over 45 professional journal articles and book chapters. His parents were Holocaust survivors.
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