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What I went through to get free shipping on Amazon

Avi Parshan's Latest Order with free shipping to Israel
Avi Parshan's Latest Order with free shipping to Israel

First, you place the order… all the items need to say free shipping to Israel when you spend over $65.00. If one item isn’t eligible or your total cost is less than $65, then you will not qualify for free shipping.

In rare cases, even if all items say they are eligible, we’ve encountered a bug where one isn’t counted… if this happens to you, contact their customer support and/or you can do a systems of elimination by using the checkboxes (in the order page), and uncheck an item – then go to the checkout page and you’ll see what you are supposed to pay… follow this with all the items in your cart till you locate the item that charges for shipping.

You can spend over $75, but then you will encounter Import Deposit Fees, so most people try to stay between $65 and $75. In addition, there doesn’t appear to be any set limit on quantity. With that being said, the tax authority does random (and some not-so random) checks… if they believe you are importing products for resale or business (in large quantities) rather than for personal use, they may hold your package and charge some fees.

With that being said, I received my order in 2 separate boxes, and they both came within 19 days of the that. And that’s including Rosh Hashana, so I’m still impressed. Both boxes were shipped with Israel Post, and then handed off to a company called GetPackage. This company seems to be a contractor and hires gig workers who are not always the most professional.

But after waiting impatiently, I got my order!

Avi Parshan’s Latest Order with free shipping to Israel
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Avi Parshan lives in Bet Shemesh and works for an Israeli Startup in the Technology Sector. In addition, he runs a deals group for shopping online in Israel - https://www.aviparshan.com/israeldeals
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