What is our Jewish leadership the Board of Deputies so afraid of?

I haven’t written a blog for the times of Israel for a very long time because I’ve been too busy monitoring the anti-Semitism that has been spewing across the Internet.

However this evening I will be going to see, in my local neighbourhood Mordechai Keder, an esteemed figure within the Israeli and Arabic community.

A man who knows a “tiny” little bit about anti-Semitism, and the causes behind the growing hatred towards Israel.

A man with such a prestigious background that I should be so lucky as to be in his presence.

If you have never heard of this man or you do not know of his past here is a link for you to read.

The blog today that I am writing is one that comes from the heart and one that has made me extremely angry and I want to know and ask the question

“What is our Jewish leadership in the UK the Board of Deputies so afraid of that they have pressured and closed the ranks of this speaker by causing Jewish synagogues and venues to cancel his speaking tour that was organised by the Zionist Federation ?

Here is the Jewish chronicle version of the story

This man speaks the truth.

He talks about what is happening between the Arab/Muslim community and the Jewish community and where the anti-Semitism comes from.

He is not afraid to speak about the rising tide of hatred against Jewish people and from where it stems.

Yet our UK Jewish leadership believe that by bringing him over to the UK and speaking within our community might disrupt the “harmonious diverse multicultural society” ?

Is it because that 90% of anti-Semitic attacks both publicly in the UK and on the internet are perpetrated by Islamists?

Does our board of deputies believe that by not exposing this and by not talking about it it is going to go away?

It does seem clear that the collaboration between the BOD and the Muslim Council of Great Britain and other Muslim groups have certainly swayed our leadership into gagging freedom of speech .

Organisations who counteract boycott divestments and sanctions (bds) against Israel are working hard -mostly voluntary against those who wish Israeli advocates to remain silent in speaking about and promoting Israel within universities and colleges.

It is okay for the Board of deputies to combine efforts with the Muslim Council of Great Britain Who in the past have condemned Holocaust Memorial day by not attending and have numerous connections to those who wish to see israel wiped from the map?

We also have seen the BOD collaborate with a most ferocious left wing organisation Yachad UK Whose twitter posts and every message is a dig or a message attacking Israel!

However, our Jewish leadership have now shown that they are basically doing the work for the BDS. The publicity around this has caused more furore against Israel on the Internet than if they had let Mr Keder speak ! Well done to the Board of Deputies yet again!

If this man can speak on Arabic news stations and can also communicate between those communities and ours, to explore and debate and find a solution to the ever growing problem of hatred towards the Jewish community, then again The Board of Deputies have got it very wrong again.

I have only three words towards anyone who has submitted to the lies and smears of this man and our weak weak Jewish leadership ..

“SHAME on you all !! “

About the Author
Ambrosine spent 15 years in the UK media and music industry working with British pop acts such as Mel & Kim, covering International promotions. Spent the last ten years as a voice over. In 2013 Ambrosine set up Yad B'yad-UK to monitor and help people who have been victims of racial abuse and anti-Semitism through social media platforms.