Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

What Is the Future of the Internet?

We will have no need for connection via the Internet in the future. It will be replaced with an internal sensory connection.
At a certain stage of our development, we will feel the need to rise from our virtual connection to a more internal connection with each other. When we feel a deeper desire to be in a closer connection with each other—not virtually, but spiritually—then we will feel each other telepathically.
Such is the network that connects us, and we will reach a stage in our development where we will feel that network.
We discover the telepathic network that underlies our connection through a common desire.
Where can we see an example of such a desire in our current world? It is present somewhat in mothers toward their children.
Mothers feel a deeper connection to their children because of their natural love for them. On an animal level, mothers share a common root with their children due to the pregnancy and birth process. At one point, a mother’s children were inside her, and she feels that connection innately.
How, then, will the desire for a deeper connection manifest among all people?
It will emerge within us as part of our evolutionary process.
Compared to the other levels of nature—still, vegetative and animate—we humans develop toward the eventual discovery of our connection as a single collective. We currently feel this connection on a lower level of desire, in our egoistic desires where we try to self-benefit at the expense of the network. However, at a later stage of our development, our desire will manifest differently.
On one hand, it is an evolutionary process, but on the other hand, this transformation will very much depend on people themselves. If the transformation will take place solely by evolutionary means, without our conscious participation, then we will experience it as forced and painful, with several agonies and torments. For that reason, we call this process the “streamroller of evolution.” This process has been developing us through pressures and pains for thousands of years.
If we wish to progress faster, with more awareness, confidence and happiness, then we need to learn how this evolutionary process works. We could then anticipate our forthcoming pressures, and our increased knowledge will serve us in a positive manner.
We would then be comparable to an intelligent child who understands his parents’ and teachers’ demands of him, and then carries out his duties in advance, without the need for punishments.
However, the pains we experience in our development to a state of feeling as one integrally-connected entity are not punishments. They are prods that we receive in order to advance us to the transformation that we eventually need to undergo.
When we experience that change, we then come to feel our innermost connection to each other, and discover a new, harmonious and complete existence.
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