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What is the most Eastern State in the UNITED STATES-You won’t believe it!

What is the most Eastern State in the UNITED STATES-You won’t believe it!

If you pay attention to Alaska, you can see that it’s the northernmost and westernmost state in the United States. But there’s another secret to Alaska. Let’s zoom in.

The red line is the 180th meridian, which separates the East to the West. If you look closely, you can see part of Alaska’s the Aleutian Islands surpass the line. That means that these islands are officially part of the Eastern Hemisphere.

So one little known fact about Alaska is that it’s not only the northernmost and westernmost, but also the easternmost state.

When Australia was developing as a new nation, why didn’t it eventually become like another USA? The USA has inland desert cities & although the Australian outback is uninhabitable, can’t more people live along the west, east, north & south coasts?

So, you haven’t been to any of these wonderful places you suggest we live in. If you had you would not ask this question.

An interesting thing about the USA is that the eastern half is wet and fertile. As is the North West down to Northern California. Now imagine all of the USA resembling southern California to Arizona. That’s Australia.

The South Coast of Australia becomes unlivable between the Eyre Peninsula and Esperance. Then it’s Southern California around the corner to Geraldton. From there it is salty desert meets the sea all the way to Broome. The north is tropical. Not Indonesia or South East Asia tropical. We have our own dry humid season and super wet season with no actual water retention.

The East coast is Southern California again. Add to that an unreliable water supply and you have Australia. We can’t just add people to this. The ability to expand is reliant on resources the country doesn’t have.

On a trip to Western Australia, I asked about the brilliant blues in their oh so clear waters. I was told it was because they do not have mountains as we do in the East. Well, we really don’t have mountains either but it is wetter. That means bacteria can create a substantial clay fraction on the East coast that they don’t have on the West Coast. That means their landscape holds very little water. That means rivers are largely seasonal. No clay fraction means clear ocean water.

As for the concept of living near the coast. At least ninety percent of Australians live within a thirty-minute drive of the ocean. That shows you how sparsely populated our country is.

Most population centers are created around mining or agriculture. What few thriving towns we have in those regions you suggest we populate are only there because of mines. To increase the population you need another reason for them to be there. As it currently stands agriculture cannot fill that void.

There simply is no ability for Australia to become like the USA unless we learn to enrich the climate of the nation. That’s not likely to happen. As humans, we are too short-sighted.

How much does a single tire cost for a 747 airplane?

Here is a list of Goodyear aircraft tires:

Goodyear Aviation

And from that list here is the cost of one of those tires that is used on a Boeing 747:

AeroDirect Online Store. NULL

You can go back and forth from the Goodyear list to the supplier cost list.

Enjoy, and for $3,225 I hope your 747 is well again.

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