What is the point?

Anti-Semitic acts are taking place around the world, and within the USA and we continue to publish and publicize, these hate crimes and acts of terror, which are reminiscent of Nazism.

Is this a starting point? What is the best case scenario and what is the worst? Are we biding for time? Has our free society sold out our very freedom and allowed for a mentality of victimization? What is the next step or do we “wait and see” playing “cat and mouse”?

I envision a convention of leaders from every possible Jewish community in the entire world to take part in addressing issues and acts of anti-semitism.

Disgusting acts against humankind occurring in our midst to our own brothers and sisters is not something we should ignore! Their blood is calling out to us!

The time is ripe to decisively form a strong defense team of sorts, better yet, strategizing a strong offensive. At one time, we went like “sheep to the slaughter”. What has history taught us?

Indeed,  עשיו שונא ליעקב. Eisav is man of the field while Yaakov sits and studies in tents. Today when it is  עת צרה ,עת לעשות  להשם it is time we wake up to reality. If not for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren  עד סוף כל הדורות.

We need leaders. We need to protect our communities, some through Torah and others through defense training. Whom better than our own people in א”י עיר הקודש, the IDF, can work with us to prepare us. What are we waiting for? What is the point?

About the Author
Rochel Kaplan is a communal leader. She is involved in Jewish outreach in the Maryland region, promoting adult Jewish education based on Torah teachings and Chassidic philosophy, as a guide for Jewish life.