Zev Friedman

What is the US Hiding from Us?

In today’s world of contentious partisanism, it is increasingly difficult to discern “real news” from “fake news.”  Lines are drawn and rarely is compromise a valued approach.  Worse yet, is the fact that people on both sides seem to be fixated on their narrative with no interest in opening their minds’ and hearts’ to other opinions. Sadly, in some cases, an opposing view is discredited before it is heard.  Half-truths and falsities abound.

However, just because someone disagrees with someone else does not make them wrong. Just because there is an accepted way of doing things does not make it right. The premise of Democracy is that people have the ability to challenge existing norms, policies, and accepted opinions.  Ultimately, people en masse decide on the policies and laws by which to govern themselves.

The public can dictate policies, but can they dictate the truth?

We can debate gun control, pros and cons, but cannot debate whether or not guns kill. They do. Plain and simple. We can similarly debate the most effective way of providing healthcare but cannot debate whether healthcare is a human necessity. It is. Plain and simple.

Yet, when public opinion begins to sway in one direction, it is imperative to examine and determine whether that direction is more than just an opinion and popular narrative.  We must examine whether it is factually correct.

Recently, the ever-popular Congresswoman from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or “AOC” as she is affectionately called) stated that detention camps in the United States are “concentration camps.”  Responding to blowback from many others who rejected this comparison she doubled down and stated she would not apologize for those remarks.  Others jumped on the bandwagon in her support.

She maintains that she is correct and so do millions of her followers.

Assuming that she is, it is clear that the United States government is acting callously and displaying great insensitivity and lack of concern for hundreds of thousands of suffering would be immigrants…bottom line…according to AOC, our government is lying to us.

Undoubtedly, it will just be a matter of time until the cattle cars, gas chambers, crematoria, and mass graves (which apparently AOC must know are currently being hidden by Trump and ICE) are revealed and AOC will no longer have any detractors.  After all, the masses are never wrong, are they?

About the Author
Rabbi Zev Friedman is the Rosh Mesivta, Dean Of Rambam Mesivta for Boys and Shalhevet High School for Girls.