Gil Solomon

What is Wrong with Us

We often hear world leaders and media representatives repeat that patronizing and demeaning mantra: “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Of course Israel has the right to defend itself, as does any other country, but which nation on this planet is spoken to in this disgraceful manner? Unfortunately, never once have I heard any Israeli leader ever expressing outrage at this statement. It will take only one and the Diaspora will follow. To my astonishment, Diaspora Jews worldwide repeat that nauseating phrase: “We have the right to defend ourselves”, as if pleading for understanding from world masses who in the majority understand nothing but the propaganda they’ve been fed.

By accepting condescending statements such as this, without challenge or outrage, Israel is at a disadvantage on the world stage as Western countries feel at liberty to repeat this mantra at every opportunity. Many world leaders have a habit of building these or similar words into many speeches: “While Israel has the right to defend itself it nevertheless must abide by the rules of war” etc. etc. ad nauseum. Who do these people think they are to lecture Israel about the rules of war or anything else for that matter?

We constantly hear the expression “The State of Israel”.

To me, the word “State” has demeaning connotations in the English speaking world.  What other country on this planet is referred to and refers to itself as the State of…….?

To be referred to as a “State” implies a not quite equal status with other nations, implying some benevolent authority has graciously bestowed a degree of autonomy to Israel. Does Jordan call itself the State of Jordan?

It is time that Israelis and Diaspora Jews refer to Israel as Israel, period.

If not now then when will Jews worldwide ever realize that barring a 180 degree turnaround, the political Left is no friend of theirs? In the US, the vast majority of Jews voted for Barack Obama, knowing full well that he sat for years in a Chicago Church listening to antisemitic rants from the pulpit. Another example of the Leftist voting pattern of the US Jewish community was at the last Presidential election where it is estimated that approximately two thirds voted against Donald Trump, a true friend of Israel. The majority of US Jews believed what, in my opinion, were unsubstantiated lies repeated relentlessly by Leftist media and numerous politicians against this man. They voted instead for a Democrat whose Leftist fantasy of appeasement, if followed by Israel, will lead to its destruction.

It is clear that a picture is worth a thousand words. Unless the world media show the photos and videos of the horror of the terrorist atrocities that took place on October 7 in Southern Israel and not just write about it, Israel will have limited hope of ever overcoming the propaganda war unleashed upon it. The West needs to be sickened to its soul to see what happened that day. We hear constantly about the suffering of “innocent” civilians in Gaza, but for decades these “innocent” civilians cheered and celebrated at every opportunity upon learning that Jews were killed. Now the repercussions of the horrors of a war they started has come home to roost.

In what world would a declared terrorist organisation such as Hamas, be allowed to build offensive infrastructure in public spaces, be it hospitals, refugee camps, or apartment blocks, without each member being condemned as a war criminal? Where is the condemnation from any world body about this flagrant violation of human rights?

The insanity of Israel giving warnings of an impending attack on a vicious enemy, is something no country to my knowledge, would ever contemplate, simply for the reason that the terrorists will be the first to flee, leaving any civilians they may be hiding behind to fend for themselves. To then risk the lives of ground troops to kill those same terrorists who were initially in the crosshairs is incomprehensible, especially in light of the fact that even today, public opinion polls show that around 70% of Gaza civilians still support Hamas!

The issue of allowing hostile networks into Israel to report and comment anything they wish from anywhere they choose, regardless of accuracy, is to me mind boggling.

It is my contention that if Israel is to survive and thrive, then this war must not end with another useless ceasefire but with, at a minimum, the following 4 imperatives:

  1. The total and unconditional surrender of the enemy.
  2. The obliteration of all the enemy’s known offensive missiles on all Israel’s borders.
  3. The dismantling of all the Palestinian Authority offices in Jerusalem or elsewhere with PA staff to be dispersed to the Arab country of their choice. For how many more decades is Israel supposed to talk to an entity whose only idea of peace with Israel is the peace of the grave?
  4. The retaking of administrative control of the entire Temple Mount area from the WAQF, a site where both Jewish Temples stood thousands of years ago but now dominated by the Dome of the Rock Mosque.


The Western media and public babble on about “Palestine” with most having no clue of history. Below is a brief historical reality.

In 960 BCE King Solomon constructed the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem which was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar around 586 BCE.

A second Temple was built on the exact same site around 520 BCE, but this was destroyed by the Roman Emperor Titus in 70 CE.

The claim of Jewish sovereignty to the land of Israel is clearly established by the historical record – Jewish and only Jewish well before the birth of Christianity or Islam.

After the destruction in 70 CE, the Romans named the entire area Philistia to rub salt into the wounds of the defeated Jews by naming the entire Jewish homeland incorporating Judea and Samaria (the West Bank as commonly known today) in honour of the Jews’ ancient enemies, the Philistines – A people who were not native to the Middle East but who came from around Greece and the Greek Islands.


Many centuries later Philistia was anglicized to Palestine.

Immediately following World War 2, to be referred to as a Palestinian, implied that one was Jewish. It was Yasser Arafat the PLO leader who took it upon himself to commandeer the term Palestinian as a term reserved solely for himself and his band of PLO terrorists and followers.

Some of today’s “Palestinians” claim they were descendants of the Philistines with no apparent historical, geographical or cultural evidence supporting this claim.  If today’s “Palestinians” had a country that was stolen from them to make way for the establishment of Israel, then:

Where were the country’s borders?

Who were its Rulers?

What currency did they use?


So here we are today, where lies and propaganda abound with ignorant masses the world over having no knowledge of history, believing what they are fed, day in day out.

Where is Israel’s hasbarah?

About the Author
Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager and author.