What Israelis Need to Hear From American Jews

For ten days, Israel has been under indiscriminate missile fire. We have heard endless condemnations of our attempts to defend ourselves against Hamas. We’ve been condemned by governments, academics, celebrities and pundits. Obscenely, we have have been condemned because not enough of us have been murdered under the onslaught from Gaza (even as we sacrifice strategic advantage to minimize casualties on the other side).

The unkindest cut of all has come from prominent American Jews, albeit not from the Establishment. These either condemn us outright, openly commiserate only with our enemies or equivocate. Even those who try to offer words of support, often fall over themselves in their verbal obfuscation, virtue signaling and evenhandedness.

In our time of trial, if American Jews really care, this is the kind of statement that Israelis need to hear.

Brothers and Sisters in Israel,
We know you feel alone while being terrorized by Hamas and by riots at home.

We know you feel that Diaspora Jews have abandoned you, or have sacrificed you to the Moloch of Whataboutism and Bothsidism.

In this fateful hour, as missiles rain down upon you, we want you to know that we stand with our People, our Faith and our Ancestral Homeland.

There will be time later to examine the complexities of the political situation, and of our intra-mural differences of opinion.

Right now, our love and support are Unconditional and Unshakeable.


About the Author
Jeffrey Woolf is an Associate Professor in the Talmud Department at Bar Ilan University. He is both a Medieval and Renaissance Jewish Historian, and an Orthodox Rabbi who is a long time advocate of the creation of a uniquely Israeli form of Modern Orthodoxy.
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