Howie Beigelman
Lobbyist & Public Policy Entrepreneur

What Lessons of Alexandria?

Once again, unfortunately, events overtake us.

What happened in Alexandria this week is unacceptable in any truly civil society. We have been taught a difficult lesson.

Whether we have learned anything remains to be seen.

Of course the Jewish tradition is one of intense debate. The Talmudic academies, the traditions of Hillel and Shamai. One need not look further than Israel’s Knesset for a modern version.

But there is fierce debate which loses sight of first principles. Debate that turns, at its worst, deadly.

Israel has taught us debate doesn’t mean dissolution. Israelis are still one.

We here are still one nation, indivisible.

As we come together in gratitude for the heroes, and in prayer for the victims, let’s take the time to reimagine debate in the truly Jewish tradition, l’shem Shamayim, for the sake of Heaven.

About the Author
Howie Beigelman is Executive Director of Ohio Jewish Communities, the statewide government advocacy, public affairs, and community relations voice of Ohio's eight Jewish Federations and their 150 nonprofit agencies, leading lobbying efforts in Columbus & issues advocacy in Washington.