What Palestinian land was stolen?

Challenging the narrative, the false narrative that Zionists stole land from indigenous Palestinians is virtually impossible given the overwhelming saturation coverage spanning decades that Zionists were colonial thieves. Whenever I have debated this subject those claiming that Palestinian land was stolen never seem to be able to respond to my counter claims. In twenty five years of  research I am absolutely convinced that no Palestinian land was stolen.

There were only five categories of land in the geographical area formerly called Palestine – Mulk, Miri, Waqf, Metruke and Mewat. According to the testimony under oath of the Arab leadership to Sir Laurie Hammond at the Peel Commission 1937, all land had been legally acquired. Mulk being freehold accounted for less than 3%, Miri being leasehold around 18%, Waqf held by religious or charitable organizations  (and still is) accounted for less than 2% and Metruke and Mewat, state land or wasteland bestowed to the Jewish people, the remaining 80% approximately. The 1930 Hope Simpson Report is one source for these statistics .When I ask for proof of ownership via land registry documents the so called victims of land theft have never produced such documents.

Documentary evidence is in abundance confirming sales of lands by Lebanese and Syrian families, such as the Sarsouks, to Zionists (at over inflated prices) and the inability of the peasant farmers, the Fellahin, to retain control of their Miri, or leasehold allotments. Driven from the land by a combination of high taxes, Bedouin Arab marauding clans and the inability through drought and, or malaria to maintain three consecutive years of production as per the terms of their lease agreements, the Zionists with their improved agricultural knowledge acquired vast tracts of Miri. Moreover as per the recommendations in the Hope Simpson Report the Zionists expanded the three year usual lease contract terms to fifty years. .

Thus we have documentary evidence from the Arab leadership that no land was stolen; documentary evidence that vast dunams of both Freehold and Leasehold land was acquired and land census statistics that eighty per cent of the total geography was not in the ownership of any individual, family, organization or village but totally State land designated pet the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine to only the Jewish people.

This simplistic description has never been effectively challenged or disproved by any of the anti Jewish state mob. So tell me what percentage of land was stolen from the indigenous Palestinians?

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Peter Baum has experience in International Finance, and has regularly contributed on the subject matter through written articles, TV appearances and lectures. He was chairman of Southend Young Conservatives, founding member of Southend Friends of Israel, current editor Blitz publication for Middle Eastern affairs
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