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What Peter Beinart doesnt understand about incitement

What is incitement? As Potter Stewart said ‘I know it when I see it’ referring to an obscenity case. In this case it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what we have seen from the left, the Obama administration, the race baiting extortionist lobby, (Al Sharpton and friends) is nothing short of the dehumanization of their enemies, in this case the police.

Mayor De Blasio instead of supporting the rule of law made it a point to use the police departments stop, and frisk and supposed police brutality to get elected. Instead of doing the right thing as Mayor which is to unite the community, De Blasio opined about his son being in potential danger as a black man. What he was saying in essence was that the police are racist and that all should worry about it if they are people of color. He of course doesn’t mention that the NYPD has the majority of their department now made up of minorities. He let the protestors take over the streets. An aide to De Blasio tweeted ‘F***. The. Police

In all the cases that were at the forefront of this campaign there is one thing that is true both Michael Brown and Darren Wilson were suspected of committing a crime and both were resisting arrest. One can argue from there whether or not it was appropriate for the police to have taken the actions that they took. One can argue that the suspected crimes were minor. One cannot argue that both were resisting arrest. So in these cases it was not a policeman executing black men it was police taking actions that were within the policies and laws that they are obligated to follow.

Yet even after evidence to the contrary Eric Holder, Mayor DeBlasio, Barack Obama, and Al Sharpton (who is no stranger to incitement) continued to promote, give time to, and comment on these local cases putting them at the forefront of the news. All this while the world is fighting a war against ISIS, Ebola is ravaging Western Africa and a world full of problems.

This is how Peter Beinart minimized the incitement.

‘What makes this claim even more remarkable is that much of the “incitement” Giuliani, Pataki and Netanyahu say sparks murder isn’t really incitement at all. Yes, since the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, a few (emphasis on few) protesters have called for retaliation against the police’.

Peter, today in the world of google and smart phones one can quickly see that the supposed few protestors numbered in the thousands. There were hundreds of protestors yelling ‘what do we want … dead cops’. Where was Mayor Deblasio condemning this? Where was Al Sharpton condemning this? Where was the President condemning this? This is the same President who said that he doesn’t make it a policy to comment on local cases yet he has on many an occasion?

I can go on to show the speeches that Al Sharpton made. Normally I wouldn’t care yet this man who has blood on his hands for his past incitement has been to the white house 84 times and Mayor DeBlasio counts him as his right hand man. So Sharpton is more than relevant, he appears to be an extension of the Presidents and Mayor Deblasios policies.

So let’s look at Palestinian and Arab incitement Peter. Only a fool would say that this doesn’t have an effect on a population especially an uneducated one. What is even worse is the education that Palestinians do get has been rife with Jew and Israel hatred.

You cannot tell us with a straight face Peter that you are unaware of the Palestinian media, the Hamas media and the regional Arab media when it comes to Jews.

So let’s just for one second pretend that you don’t know about this .Here is a thought for you. Just go to and see what Israels enemies and neighbors are saying. This site translates the Arab press.

You can also go to Palestinian Media Watch or just go to where you will find Jewish and Arab media listed and then tell me with a straight face that there is no pervasive incitement against Jews, and Israel.

When you are done with your homework which I suspect you won’t do because you already know this look at this from the Shoah foundation. It is incitement against Jews just prior to the holocaust.

Go to most any mosques in Israel on a Friday afternoon and see what they are saying about Jews and Israel and then tell the world that there I no incitement going on.

There is a reason that countries, bad actors, and people with agenda incite Peter… It works.

You can pretend that incitement is not an issue Peter. The intentional demonization of a group whether or not it is blacks, Jews, Palestinians, Policeman is dangerous and it is a huge factor.

Yes the murder of those two policeman are the act of one man but this one man specifically spoke of putting wings on pigs. He may have chosen another target perhaps his friends, a school, his family Peter but the incitement drew him and others who are unbalanced, uneducated, or easily persuaded to be attracted to their targets like a magnet is to metal.

So before you opine that incitement is not an issue go to a rally Peter and wear a t shirt saying how you support the NYPD and that NYPD lives matter too and tell me how you fared.

Thanks your friend Larry

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